Gulzar and Sukhwinder Singh team up to compose song for ‘Lambu-G Tingu-G’ cartoon show

Gulzar and Sukhwinder Singh collaborate on the cartoon show ‘Lambu-G Tingu-G’ (Photo credit – Instagram / wikimedia / Facebook)

Veteran lyricist Gulzar and singer Sukhwinder Singh created the title song for the upcoming comedy cartoon show “ Lambu-G Tingu-G ”, with songwriter Simaab Sen.

“The title song ‘Lambu-G Tingu-G’ is unique and fun, and it describes the characters well. Gulzar sa’ab created the catchiest lyrics and it was delicious to create some funky beats to accompany them. Of course, Sukhwinder’s voice brought its liveliness back to life. I am delighted to treat the young fans on this tune and hope it receives a lot of love, ”Sen said.

Sukhwinder added, “I enjoyed recording the title song of ‘Lambu-G Tingu-G’, especially because of the unique lyrics of Gulzar sa’ab. Suhas, the director put together a full entertainment program in this show.

The story of the show revolves around two cartoon characters and their friendship. It airs from May 3 on the POGO channel.

Meanwhile, veteran lyricist Gulzar has once again collaborated with filmmaker-composer Vishal Bhardwaj. The duo created the tracks “Marenge to wahin jaakar” and “O re bidesiya” which will appear in the upcoming documentary film “1232 KMS”. The film is about the massive migration of workers and disadvantaged people when the lockdown was announced last year.

While Sukhwinder Singh sang “Marenge to wahin jaakar”, the song “O re bidesiya” was recorded with the voice of Vishal’s wife, Rekha Bharadwaj.

“This is a very important film because it captured a crucial event in the history of India. The journey of migrant workers as they traveled long distances home has seen many ups and downs, and I wanted the songs to reflect their bittersweet stories. Both songs describe that no matter how far away they still belong to their home and can reach their village and loved ones during difficult times, ”Gulzar said in a statement.

The songs reflect the emotions of the desire to live at home and summarize the story, as shown in the film, of seven migrant workers who decided to return to their village of Saharsa Bihar, 1,232 kilometers from Delhi.

“Gulzar saab once again wrote deep lyrics that perfectly capture the emotions that prevailed among our compatriots during those difficult days of foreclosure. I wanted to compose a song that enhances that sense of home for millions of these migrant workers in India. The lyrics of these songs capture so much emotion that I had the freedom to compose not one but two interpretations, ”said Vishal.

Sukhwinder Singh said: “Gulzar saab and Vishal Bhardwaj are legends in their own right, and to lend my voice to everything they have created is a huge honor. I can’t even imagine the fate and journeys of all those men, women, children and families who were on the roads as we all stayed comfortably in our homes, ”he says.

“O Re Bidesiya’s lyrics are filled with seriousness and raw emotion that only Gulzar saab could write. The composition of Vishal is full of emotions, complementing the lyrics and my singing. As a singer, my job is to use my voice to reinforce the feelings that are relayed in the song, and that’s exactly what I tried to do with my rendition of this song, which really touched my heart ” said Rekha Bhardwaj.

“1232 KMS” will air on Disney + Hotstar VIP from March 24.

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