GTA Online: Rockstar announces the arrival of new island

Teased through a short and enigmatic video on November 19, Rockstar Games’s big surprise finally came to light. The American studio is meeting up with Grand Theft Auto Online players next month to experience the Cayo Perico Heist, the biggest update to date.

With over 130 million copies sold, Grand Theft Auto V is a game that needs no introduction. Released in 2013, during the PS3 / 360 generation, it will also have supported players throughout the PS4 / One generation. Recently, we also learned that it will follow them once again on the next generation whose consoles have just been released: the PS5 and the Xbox Series X | S.

Over the years, Rockstar has never given up following his goose that lays the golden eggs. And obviously, the studio isn’t ready to do it yet. As proof, GTA Online is set to welcome a new update described as “the biggest, the most daring and the most intense” to date: the Heist of Cayo Perico. It will arrive more precisely on December 15 and is illustrated through a short video of about twenty seconds after being teased yesterday for GTA Online.

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