Greenland’s Ice Sheet Has Melted Irreversibly

According to a newly published study, Greenland has begun to melt so quickly that even if global warming suddenly stops, it will not be able to restore the ice sheet. It is also unpredictable how much Greenland’s melting could raise the ocean level.

In recent years, we have begun to see the consequences of global warming with the naked eye. The giant ice floes melted as a result of heat, causing the ocean level to rise; our climates have changed. Many studies have begun to show that if we do not start taking measures as soon as possible, we cannot return from this situation.

But a new study published in the journal National Nature led to an even more negative conclusion than other studies. According to the study, the ice sheet in Greenland has now melted irreversibly. Well what does it mean?

Greenland will melt even if global warming stops suddenly:

According to the conclusion of the study, even if global warming disappears suddenly as of now, Greenland will not be able to regain its former state. The reason for this is that the annual snow layer that forms the ice sheet in Greenland has become unable to cope with the melting speed of the glaciers.

As part of the study, the researchers examined more than 200 glaciers in the Arctic region with satellite data acquired over a 40-year period until 2018. Examining the data, the researchers concluded that the rate at which the ice sheet melts differs with snowfall.

The snow that fell on Greenland could cover the ice sheet, slowing its melting. However, it has now been discovered that Greenland is losing an even faster ice sheet as the oceans are warming. Therefore, snowfall alone was no longer sufficient to protect Greenland.

Greenland adds 280 billion tons of melting ice to the ocean every year, according to current data. This makes Greenland the largest physical resource for rising ocean levels. The researchers say Greenland is melting so fast that the rise in ocean level is no longer predictable.

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