Green Door Pictures by Idris Elba acquires ‘Mrs Death Misses Death’ – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Idris ElbaBritish production company Green Door Pictures has acquired the film and television rights to the well-received debut novel by poet Salena Godden Even death misses death.

The black comedy, released this month in the UK by Canongate, East the fictional story of a young author named Wolf who receives a visit from Death – a metamorphosed black woman from the working class. Exhausted from spending eternity doing his job, Death looks for someone to ease his conscience and asks Wolf to write his memoirs. Passionate about his memories, Wolf and Death travel through time together to witness historical events of the past and present. As the two reflect on humanity’s ancestry, loss and future, their friendship turns into a startling affirmation of hope and resilience.

Green Door Pictures, by Idris Elba, enters film and TV partnership with ‘Riviera’ producer Archery

Green Door has entered into the agreement with Crystal Mahey-Morgan at Own It.

Luther and Avengers star Elba said: “Even death misses death feels like an instant classic with an intoxicating story that spans time and continents. I was immediately drawn to Salena’s writing and am honored and thrilled to have the opportunity to bring her brilliant words to life on screen.

Godden added: “I am more than delighted to see the worlds of Mrs death and the wolf On the screen. Thanks to Green Door and Idris Elba for your confidence in this work and your support for my first book.

London poet and performer Godden has published several volumes of poetry, the latest of which was Pessimism is for lightweights. A BBC Radio 4 documentary aired in December 2018 following Godden’s work on his first novel for 12 months.

Elba’s Company, whose credits include the Sky series Long-term and upcoming Netflix feature Concrete cowboy, recently entered into a collaboration with Riviera producer Kris Thykier.

Elba is replaced by The Artists Partnership, WME, M88, Ziffren Brittenham LLP and the Lede Company.

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