download grammarly mod apk premium hack

Grammarly Mod APK premium hack for android, iOS and Desktop

The Grammarly MOD APK premium keyboard hack goes where you go to make your writing always look great. Whether you’re typing an urgent email, an important LinkedIn message, or an important Facebook post, Grammarly lets you write from your mobile device with confidence.

New! Grammarly supports swipe typing, so you can write quality texts without slowing down.

  • Clear and efficient writing
  • Sophisticated grammar checker
  • Contextual spell checker
  • Advanced punctuation correction
  • Advanced vocabulary and synonyms
  • Convenient and fast
  • Seamless integration with all apps
  • Predictive text suggestions
  • Easy customization
  • Improve your skills
  • Get short and clear explanations for each correction.
  • Understand your mistakes and avoid them in the future
  • Customizable to your needs
  • Dialect settings (American, Canadian, British, and Australian English)
  • Light and dark themes
  • Personal dictionary

Whenever you enter text with your keyboard, Grammarly checks your text with Grammarly keyboard mod apk and makes sure your message is clear, efficient, and error-free. We designed the Grammarly Keyboard MOD APK as a writing assistant that works wherever you write – no copy or paste, no proofreader required.

Grammarly Premium Mod Apk is a very useful language error checker app. In this app you can write down any lines in English and if there are any mistakes in them.

It will show you some mistakes, with Grammarly you can write in English with full confidence, either you are writing an email to your friend or family member or you are posting on Twitter or Facebook, then you can easily check your mistakes with this app.

Grammarly Premium Mod Apk Features:

  • Premium features unlocked
  • No need to log in
  • Advanced-grade correction
  • Easy customization
  • Light and dark themes
  • Personal dictionary

Read more about Grammarly Premium Mod Apk

The Grammarly Premium version of the mod will provide you with a personal dictionary that is locked in the app, with this dictionary you can see the meaning of any word you want, and it is also available offline.

The app also provides synonyms for words. This version of the mod is very easy to customize, and light and dark themes are available in the mod version. You can also check the percentage of errors in the paragraph.

You don’t need a login to open the app, you can just use it by clicking the skip button. The grammar app is downloaded by many people because of the exact error correction.


What is a mod apk?
It is a modified version of the original game, which is called a mod apk.

Is it safe to download apk?
Not all apps are a security risk. You can download it without any problems.
Is the download free?

Yes, Grammarly Premium is free to download. Feel free to download this mod apk from the link above or you can find it on any 3rd party website. These APK files are not available in the game store.

When was this version released?
The last updated version was released in 2021.

How to enable “Unknown Sources” permission:

Android requires permission to download an apk file, and you need to enable third-party app permission to do so. Android will then allow the file to be installed on your device.

In most cases, the option that pops up is called “Unknown Sources”, you just need to allow it. If this option is not available.

By following the given steps Grammarly premium mod apk can be freely downloaded for android:

  1. Open your Android mobile settings.
  2. Now go to the advanced settings option, which you can see at the top of the settings panel.
  3. Here you will see many privacy options.
  4. Click on the Privacy menu option in the advanced settings.
  5. Finally, you will see the option “Unknown sources”, just allow it.
  6. Open the Grammarly premium mod apk for android and install it.

How to download Grammarly Mod APK premium for Android?

Follow these steps if you want to download and install any mod apk file on your Android device.

  1. Find the download button published by the developer.
  2. Click on it and you will be redirected to another page.
  3. Wait 30 seconds and click the download option again.
  4. You will now be asked to verify the person, just fill it out.
  5. The download will now start on your Android device.
  6. Finally, it will install automatically and now you can use the free apk mod.

How to download Grammarly Mod APK for iOS (iPhone)?

To download Grammarly mod apk premium for iOS or iPhone, follow the steps below.

  1. First, download blue-stacks to iOS from any browser.
  2. Install the Android emulator and open it.
  3. Now you can install all kinds of Android apps in IOS using blue-stacks.

How to download Grammarly Mod APK for PC?

You can download Grammarly mod apk premium for android apps to your PC by following these steps:

  1. Go to any browser and download the emulator.
  2. You can download Bluestacks, NOX player, Game loop, or any emulator you want.
  3. Install the emulator on your PC.
  4. Once installed, open the emulator and log in.
  5. Now you can download all kinds of Android apps to your computer.

Grammarly keyboard vs Gboard

Gboard is majorly renowned as Google’s official keyboard app Hence its popularity among many Android smartphone users. Being Google’s native keyboard app, the keyboard app often comes pre-installed with many Android devices out-of-the-box.

Grammarly, on the other hand, is renowned for its grammar-checking features. While Grammarly a is keyboard, its app doubles as a writing assistant which also checks for grammatical errors (and suggests corrections) as you type.

  1. Grammarly Premium Keyboard only supports English, whereas Gboard has multiple languages.
  2. Grammarly Premium APK has 1 keyboard layout, but Gboard has 6 different layouts.
  3. Grammarly Keyboard APK does not have a dedicated clipboard manager.
  4. Both keyboards have multimedia support, but Gboard has too many options.
  5. Grammarly works perfectly in typos correction, whereas Gboard is too behind in it.

Download Grammarly Mod APK premium

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