Grading faster with the new Sony FX6 camera package from FilmConvert

FilmConvert releases a camera package for the Sony FX6 for easy grading and camera alignment.

FilmConvert has been busy introducing new camera packages for its popular software for the past few months, including FilmConvert Nitrate and CineMatch. The latest is good news for Sony shooters – the company has a package for that FX6.

If you’re new to FilmConvert, they create color grading tools that filmmakers can use to easily match different camera sources. With FilmConvert Pro and the more robust FilmConvert Nitrate, content creators can apply various film material emulations and grains to the image, which can be further adjusted at will.

The company also offers CineMatch, which allows you to synchronize log sources from different cameras.

Let’s say you are shooting a Sony S-Log3 with one camera and a Canon C-Log with another. With CineMatch you can download the camera package in order to assign both protocol sources to a single protocol profile and to evaluate them from there. This drastically shortens the time to synchronize two different sources. If you record with one camera and prefer the look of another, such as ARRI, you can apply this protocol profile to the camera and grade from there.

The addition of the Sony FX6 Camera packages follow the packages for the a7R IV and a7s III with S-Cinetone. Now coordinating the Sony sensors between the two cameras is much easier. Let’s hope to see you a RED Komodo Next.

Find out more at Convert Movie and CineMatch.

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