GOT7 Reveals Tracklist For New Album Breath Of Love

The track list for GOT7’s new album was revealed and it brought great excitement to fans due to the participation of all the members in the creative process.

The surprises continue for AHGASE, the social networks of GOT7 published what will be the tracklist included in the new album of the group and their requests seem to have been heard, since Breath Of Love: Last Piece includes songs composed by each member of the group, what can we expect from this record material?

Through a pastel blue poster, GOT7 released the title of the 10 songs that we will be able to listen to soon. The image shows us a texture with waves and, in the lower part, a hand almost closed in a fist while holding a fabric.


In addition to the names of the melodies, this poster showed the credits corresponding to each one, it was thus that the participation of all the members of the group in composition of the songs was announced.

The tracklist is made up of:

Last piece
Born ready
Waiting For You
I’ll do it now
1 + 1
Mean it
We are young

The song list announces the first two melodies as titile track, one of them being the single that will be released before the album’s premiere and the other that will be featured in the K-Pop group’s promotions. The writing of Breath was done by Youngjae, while Last Piece was created by JB.

On the other hand, each of the members participated in the writing of the other songs, Born Ready was composed by Mark, Special by Jackson and the lyrics of Wave were in charge of Jinyoung.

GOT7’s maknae line joins this tracklist with Waiting for You and I’ll Do It Now, composed by BamBam and Yugyeom respectively.

Expectations and excitement for this album increase with each track that GOT7 reveals to their fans. While you wait for the release of Breath of Love: Last Piece, we invite you to meet some of the strangest and most surprising talents of this idol group.

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