Google’s algorithm introduces new changes

Google’s algorithm is no longer a robot that you can easily fool

The Latin American online education platform, Platzi, founded in 2014 by the Colombian engineer Freddy Vega and by the Guatemalan computer scientist Christian Van Der Henst, published an image on their Instagram account that refers to the Google algorithm.

This image is titled “Google’s algorithm is no longer a robot you can fool.” Obviously Google has made some changes to its algorithm and it is interesting how it will work from now on.

It is worth mentioning that Google is an artificial intelligence specialized in detecting a basic question: “Did the user find what they were looking for on this site?”, All from this objective. So now the Google algorithm is seeking to know more about the user, their behavior and their way of asking questions on

How does Google’s algorithm work now?

The user should know that now the keywords are not enough, because now the Google algorithm will reward the content that answers questions. Which makes it clear to us that the way users search changes everything.

It should be taken into account that when we talk about the Google algorithm we are referring to a complex real-time operations system that must work to find the result you are looking for. Since the Google search engine is nothing more than that, a kind of index in which you can find millions of sites that are deployed throughout the web.

We can imagine a quite functional library: the internet sites are all the files and books that are there and the index in which all these contents are registered is Google. The distinction is that Google selects among those millions of pages and presents the ones it considers most important first, and the others are being relegated.

From now on things will change and users will be able to find what they are looking for in a faster time, as long as they type correctly in the search engine. Now the news media will have to better structure their content.

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