Google tests new format with bigger ads in search results

Google’s search turns 15 in 2020 and has been evolving more and more in bringing relevant content to people on the internet. In addition, it also brings some ads that may be useful for some people and go unnoticed by others, until now. This is because everything indicates that these advertisements should be much higher in search results.

The difference was noticed by Twitter’s PPC hubbub user. He even recorded a video to show the difference in the size of the titles presented in normal search results when compared to the others on the page. In these ads it was possible to notice that their first line can be up to 50% longer than the other texts on the page.

In the video above it is possible to notice that the same behavior is repeated, but only in the first 4 titles of the survey, which also contains advertisements on some of these links.

For now it is not possible to force this format to appear, as it appears to be being tested by Google and may be implemented or not in the future. It is worth saying that larger sources can benefit advertisers, giving more emphasis to what they want to convey, and consequently Google too, which would gain much more from it.

On the other hand, it is worth remembering that many users do not like excessive ads on applications, much less those that they can use frequently, as is the case with research. Add this to the recent data collection processes that the company has undergone and we can imagine a very complicated future with a certain rejection of Google’s search by users.

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