Google Nest Audio flag inherits from Google Home

Google has unveiled its new smart speaker called Nest Audio. Nest Audio is the newest addition to the company’s Google Assistant-based smart speaker portfolio. The smart speaker, which replaces the original Google Home released in 2016, is in the middle segment between Nest Mini and Nest Max models. Nest Audio will be sold in the US for $ 99.

Google Home was similar in design to air purifiers. Nest Audio reminds me of a standing loaf of bread with its softly rounded corners and indistinct rectangular shape. There are different color options for Nest Audio, which is completely covered with fabric just like Nest Mini. There are four colored LEDs on the speaker. These lights turn on when the speaker detects or responds to a voice command.

Apart from the new design and improved sound quality, Nest Audio does what other smart speakers from Google do. Actions such as playing music, controlling smart home devices and telling the weather can be performed by Nest Audio. It is also possible to set up multi-room sound systems with Nest Audio.

Google said it was 75 percent louder and its bass response was 50 percent higher than the Google Home, which Nest Audio follows. The company also pointed out that the speaker cover is made from 70 percent recycled plastic.

Google Nest Audio will directly compete with the standard Amazon Echo, which sells like itself for $ 99. Design and digital assistants stand out as the most important difference between the two speakers.

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