Google Chrome secure DNS feature launched

Google Chrome, one of the most used browsers, is using the new secure DNS feature. Providing the previously known DNS service, Google starts to provide this service for the privacy of users through its browser. It is stated that the new feature will reach users with the Chrome 85 version. There are security reasons to use this feature.

Thanks to the new feature, the newly introduced DoH (HTTPS over DNS) system, the websites that users log in cannot be tracked by tertiary software. Thus, the privacy of users is ensured. Basically, when the website the user wants to enter is typed in the address bar, the IP address of the site is found by the browser.

Chrome secure DNS rolling out

Many users are already using the Google DNS service at However, Google, which brought the newly started DoH service to its browser, will enable DNS queries to be made more securely. In the system used today, UDP protocol is used when learning the IP address of the website. UDP is also defined as less secure than its counterpart TCP.

Users who start using the feature can activate the “Use secure DNS” option in the settings section of the browser. Users who wish here have the opportunity to determine the system from which they will receive DNS service.

It was stated that the new feature will reach all users over time. Because it is stated that the DoH system needs time to serve more users.

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