Google Camera 7.5, photos taken in portrait mode together

Version 7.5 of Google Camera has been a constant target of news, not only for bringing details about the functions that should be embedded in Pixel 5, but also for the changes it has brought to users. As discovered this week, the application modified the way the photos are named, changing the IMG commonly used by PXL, in addition to adding suffixes that indicate the type of the image, such as NIGHT for photographs taken with the night mode.

Now, a new, even more interesting improvement has been discovered by a reader of the Android Police website. The camera on Google smartphones no longer creates separate folders for photos taken in portrait mode, keeping them together with other captured images. Adjustments were also made to the names, with the blurred image having the suffix PORTRAIT-01, while the original photo has its identification terminated by PORTRAIT-02.

Although it doesn’t seem like much, the modifications will be of great help to those who usually take portraits. The old organization format made life difficult for users when searching for photos in image editing applications, and even finding them in third-party gallery apps, which ended up full of folders due to this.

Unfortunately, Google Camera 7.5 remains exclusive to Pixel smartphones running the beta of Android 11, but there is a search giant that may extend compatibility to more versions of the system when the update is made available on an official basis.

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