Google and BTS Collaborate Worldwide

The Bangtan Boys join Google to carry out an international arts and culture event. K-pop is one of the most listened to musical genres in recent years, the impact of different bands from South Korea has caused thousands of eyes to turn to the entertainment industry of that territory in the Asian continent.

BTS is one of the groups that dodged the barriers of language and distance, their music is an inspiration for millions of people, their fanclub is one of the largest and with more activities.

The band represented by Big Hit Entertainment, this year 2020 it appeared in various events broadcast on the Internet, breaking records of reproductions and sales on different platforms.

It was recently reported that BTS as an international music giant and Google as a representative of online technology, came together to bring the artistic event ‘Do It (Around the World)’ to the whole world.

Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, J-Hope, V and RM will attend the activity organized by Google Arts & Culture, in ‘Do it (Around the World)’, Hans Ulrich Obrist, critic and Swiss art historian, will invite the attendees to expand your creativity.

The ‘Do It (Around the World)’ project tries to help the interested public immerse themselves in art, not be afraid of it, on the contrary, come closer, learn from different expressions and feel driven to be an artist.

The dynamics of ‘Hazlo (Around the World)’ began with other Parisian artists in France in 1993, one of the places where more artists have been born, from that moment its mission was to create an interesting aura for the general public .

Some other important attendees of the Google Arts & Culture activity are the artistic director of the Serpentine Galleries gallery and Hans Ulrich Obrist, who together with BTS and 30 other artists will take art to another level.

BTS was chosen to represent young people, as the K-pop band created by the Big Hit Entertainment company has known how to connect with their generation and are spokespersons for important campaigns such as ‘Speak Yourself’ with the UN.

A very emotional message that the Serpentine Galleries gallery posted on Twitter was:

  • Connect one point with another
  • Draw a line and create a plane
  • Beyond the limits of space and time
  • You and I will become us
  • Our future is a beautiful picture

The poem appears in Korean and English and ARMY is very excited about the upcoming arts and cultural activities of the performers of the song ‘Love Maze’. Internet users can interact with all interested parties with the hashtag #doitaroundtheworld on different social networks.

‘Do It (Around the World)’ is another example of the popularity and impact of the BTS boys, because in addition to making deep songs with a very special sense, they are Korean pop idols, they are very connected and concerned about development personal of his fans.

All the members of the Bangtan Boys have always been interested in participating in different social activities, to change the world and encourage the inhabitants to improve their lives.

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