Google: 5 Android 11 features for “non-pixel” phone

There is still time for the official launch of Android 11 for devices loaded with the Google operating system. As we saw last week, the company recently released the third beta version of the operating system, so that developers can test their applications on the new software.

However, for those who are anxious about some functions, the search giant has decided to release five functions that are new to Android 11 for almost all devices that are loaded with its operating system.

With this, users who have an Android phone from version 6 – Marshmallow – will be able to take advantage of the Bedtime function, some improvements of Android Auto that are present in the version in tests of the software, in addition to the Emergency Location Service, the Earthquake Alert and Lookout App


Inserted inside Google’s Clock application, the Bedtime function – or “sleep”, in the Portuguese version – allows the user to define controls that help him at bedtime, with the reproduction of relaxing sounds. It can also monitor the device’s screen during the night. And, to wake up, the application’s alarm plays the “Sunrise Alarm” sound.

To access the function just open the app and click on the last icon in its lower options bar, which is identified as “Sleep”.

Android Auto

Android Auto will also receive some improvements. Its calendar app will be redesigned to allow the user to “take a quick look at their daily schedule”, while the settings menu will also get some updates, which will allow the driver to manage his settings directly from the vehicle’s dashboard.

While the “Bedtime” function has already started to be released through the Clock app, the improvements for Android Auto should arrive from next month.

Emergency Location Service and Earthquake Alert System

The emergency location service allows the phone to share the device’s language information with participating emergency operators to help the user contact someone for help.

The earthquake warning system is capable of searching for possible events of the type to notify the user in advance in case of the need to evacuate the place or city.

Look out

Lookout works as a separate application – downloadable card available at the end of this article – that helps the visually impaired to perform some tasks more easily. Its latest update allows you to “scan” long documents to convert them into speech, as well as to identify products based on their labels.

As stated, the Bedtime function is already available in the Clock app, while Lookout can also be downloaded from the PlayStore. However, the user will have to wait a few more days until all three other functions start to be released.

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