“Good Trouble”: Being “Ahead of History” Inspired by BLM – Deadline

Freeform’s Good problem “Has been so ahead of the curve in telling the stories she’s been telling for years,” new guest star / recurring director of the series Constance Zimmer said during the show’s TCA panel on Friday, summing up a recurring theme throughout the conversation.

Black Lives Matter co-founder, actress, writer and producer Patrisse Cullors was hired as a story consultant in Season 1 to help with Malika (Zuri Adele) activism and social justice story . She joined the writers room of The Fosters spin-off for season 2 in its first writing on a television series. Melina Abdullah, director of Black Lives Matter LA, also looked for the series, and played recurring roles on the series.

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“We were doing stories on Black Lives Matter, and I thought, well, I really want to go to the source and make sure we’re doing it right. And so I reached out to Patrisse and asked him, “Are you going to play yourself at an event, and are you going to check out on the show?” Said Good Trouble executive producer Joanna Johnson. “And then, finally, Patrisse also became a writer on the show, and only had to leave the writers’ room because of what happened last summer and the fact that she is now the international director. by Black Lives Matter.

Series co-star Sherry Cola also addressed the Season 1 storyline in light of the Black Lives Matter summer 2020 protests following the George Floyd murder.

Good problem told these stories; he was ahead of the game, ”Cola said. “The things we talked about in the first season reflect what has happened this year, and the world is barely catching up. And we had these difficult conversations, these necessary conversations. In terms of “good trouble” all I can think of is the fact that Melina and Patrisse are on our show. I’ll be at a demonstration, and I’ll see Melina, and she just got off the set. They are queens. They’re true superhumans, and the fact that they’re a part of our show really means a lot, especially because, of course, our show’s title is inspired by the late great John Lewis. So it is very important for us to align with what is going on in the world and to continue to show the world that there is still work to be done. Nothing is resolved here after a summer. We are not the same as we were in March 2020. ”

Adele, who has received praise from her co-stars for her performance, spoke about the candid off-screen discussions that lead to the authentic on-screen stories.

“One way we’ve had ‘good issues’ as well is that we’re willing to have really courageous conversations with each other and make sure and guarantee that we are telling the stories in the most authentic way possible and that we are. willing to learn from each other’s points of view and continue to do so because so much is happening outside, ”she said. “We call each other. I called my casting when I got arrested just when I needed advocacy. So the work that we do as characters has really penetrated into the family we have and the way we’re just willing to get in ‘good trouble’, show up at protests, keep learning to defend. what is needed in the world, and to represent our characters and our story. “

Cola also spoke about embracing diversity.

“I think diversity is always a good thing. It is always an advantage. It’s always something that will set you apart in so many ways, ”she said. “I always want to tell diverse stories, and I’m happy that we’re showing that kind of lens, where we see Alice breaking stereotypes. How far will it push diversity and at what cost? I think it’s going to shine a lot in the third season. And I’m just excited to tell these stories and continue to represent the Asian community and all of our communities as a whole on the show. I think about Good problem, we practice what we preach, and we just tell these real life stories of these real raw people who are messed up and just doing their best to fight for change.

Here’s two more info on what’s in store for Season 3:

  • Beau Mirchoff, newly promoted to the series regular, on the script for season 3 of Jamie: “Jamie is going to get back into the fray a bit, but to what extent, I can’t really say, but there are things really. exciting on the agenda. “

Johnson added, “Maia and Beau have wonderful chemistry together, and the characters, and there’s just no way we’re not going to continue working with Beau because we all adore him, love him and love the relationship.” . So you have to give these people complications, obstacles and triangles. I think Callie is wondering, my God, did I make the right choice when choosing one over the other. So, we’re going to play around with it all and see what its endgame is.

  • Cierra Ramirez on Mariana’s future after Speckulate and her relationship with Evan: “I think it’s really interesting to see Mariana juggle everything that happened at Speckulate and this new blossoming relationship with Evan, while also trying to keep everything she believes in. You just saw that she went out with the Fight Club girls. They’re going to try and start their own app tech startup, if you will, while also trying to navigate their new relationship and new world with Evan. And I think it’s going to be really interesting to see some sort of unraveling throughout the season. It’s interesting because it’s, like, how do you stay true to yourself while having those feelings that you can’t deny?

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