Good news for Bannerlord players: mod support

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord, the game we’ve been waiting for for years to come out in March of this year, ended a long wait. The game, which received very good comments after its release, is still actively played; updated frequently. With the official modding tool released for Bannerlord, the game’s boundaries will be wider.

Bannerlord modding tool released

bannerlord modlama aracı

One of the biggest advantages of the popular games of the Mount & Blade series such as Warband was the mod support. Having finished the main scenario of the game, players could expand the boundaries of the game by installing mods created by the community. The kit, which will help expand the borders for Bannerlord, was released on Steam.

There is an important point about this tool: the game was already moddable by the community. But the tools that brought innovations to the game were third-party software. This will no longer be necessary; It will be easier to bring innovations to the game with the official beta version.

Official mod tool features:

  • Ability to change surrounding objects
  • Ability to create new regions or edit existing ones
  • Making changes to the map
  • Making changes in the level system
  • Ability to change the road pattern

In addition to these features, almost every feature is available to make changes to the graphics.

There are hundreds of great mods in the Steam Workshop that are made without the official mod tool. Taleworlds, who wants to encourage players to use the official mod tool, has also published training documents. You can learn to use the tool by following these documents.

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