‘Good Girls’, ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’, ‘Manifest’ and ‘Debris’ – Deadline

NBC will be the first broadcast network to unveil its Fall 2021 schedule this Friday, ahead of NBCUniversal’s initial virtual showcase on May 17. There is still a non-bubble series to be retrieved by the network, Law and order: organized crime with Chris Meloni, who will likely receive an order for the second season this week as NBC firms up its fall slate. (With the recently picked up Law & Order: for the defense ready to join Law and Order: SVU and Law and order: organized crime, the network has the possibility to create a Thursday Law and order night in the mold of its One Chicago Wednesday lineup in the fall or mid-season 2021-2022.)

The four NBC scripted series about the bubble are all mid-season entries that still air their current seasons. Due to the start of the 2020-21 season delayed by the pandemic, this has also shifted the traditional mid-season window, some – if not all – of NBC’s four bubble series, Good girls, Zoey’s Extraordinary Reading List, Manifesto and Debris, might not learn their fate before the advances. And, if the chatter is to be believed, there is at least a possibility for some of the shows, including Good girls and Zoey’s Extraordinary Reading List, to become streaming series on Netflix and Peacock, respectively. (For our CBS and Fox Bubble Show Watch stories, click here and here.)

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Now in its fourth season, Good girls, the only one of the four wholly owned by NBCUniversal, hadn’t been a true bubble show until this year in part because of its lucrative international co-production / distribution deal with Netflix, which was signed at the pilot stage. He brings in substantial income to Universal Television, NBC’s brother. And while this is an average Live + Same Day linear performer at best, Good girls excels in digital. Last season was NBC’s # 2 show on digital platforms.

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But this time around, linear performance seems to weigh more heavily on NBC’s renewal decisions, with Good girls really in limbo. I hear the show could still get a Season 5 pickup on NBC but, in an emergency, Universal TV looked for alternatives, setting potential budgets if the series continues on NBC and if not. the case, by analyzing the numbers to see if the series can only maintain itself on Netflix within the framework of the existing transaction structure.

Netflix could step in and do Good girlits Netflix original if the show was canceled by NBC like it did with Lifetime You, which also started under the co-production model. Good girls has thrived on Netflix from the start and remains among the streamer’s most popular series, topping Nielsen’s weekly Top 10 ranking.

A co-production between Lionsgate TV and Universal TV, second year Zoey’s Extraordinary Reading List is also heavily on the bubble with live + same day average linear odds and an outsized digital footprint. It has a passionate following and has recently surpassed USA todayAnnual Save Our Shows survey for a second consecutive year.

In addition to being a digital phenomenon, Zoey’s Extraordinary Reading List also got awards. Last year, NBC, Lionsgate TV and Universal TV worked hard to find a business framework to renew the linear network, including pursuing a full-season streaming pact.

All episodes of Zoey’s Extraordinary Reading List are available on NBCUniversal’s new streaming service, Peacock, whose premium tier features episodes of the show the next day.

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Things change a lot, but I hear NBCU is planning to take the next step and maybe get moving Zoey’s to Peacock – something that is happening more and more, from AP Bio at Langdon.

Fellow of the second series of one hour Manifesto, by Warner Bros. TV and Uni TV, is the highest rated on linear among the four bubble shows by a large margin, especially in viewership. The Missing Plane drama also has the most intriguing pedigree of the four – it was developed at Warner Bros. TV by Susan Rovner, who sold it to NBC and creatively guided it at the studio to which she joined NBCU as Content Manager last fall and now. will make the ultimate call on the show’s future.

Manifesto was designed and sold to NBC with a six season plan that was worked out. While this may turn out to be overkill, the previous WBTV regime was able, with much negotiation and some financial concessions, to bring in yet another high profile NBC drama that started off strong before hitting the shelves. Blind spot, five seasons.

A similar difficult conversation between NBC and WBTV will be required to get Manifesto to season 4. There is a strong incentive for the studio to increase the number of episodes of the series for future downstream sales after funding it from deficit for three seasons.

Debris, from Legendary TV and Uni TV, is Unicorn Airing, a dense sci-fi drama that has drawn comparisons to some of the classics of the genre. Well received by critics for a genre series, with a score of 72% Rotten Tomatoes, Debris is also a smooth linear performer whose notes are in the same low range as Good girls and Zoey’s Extraordinary Reading List and he also did a lot better online.

A great swing and the first 2020 NBC rider to get a production order and a network first, Debris doesn’t look very promising for a second season, but negotiations are still in their early stages. As with the others on the roster, the decision might not come until debut, with all four shows once again considering a mid-season return if renewed.

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