Going to the third season of The Witcher with Cavill?

There is a possibility that Netflix already has plans to launch a third season of its hit series The Witcher with Henry Cavill as the protagonist

¿Va Netflix por tercera temporada de The Witcher con Cavill?(AFP)

It is possible that on the Netflix platform that it is planning to expand the universe of The Witcher with different prequels, sequels and also animated series, another doubt that its followers have had that if there will be a third season of the series.

Currently the film team is preparing the second season with Henry Cavill, being the protagonist again and it seems that Netflix has given the green light for me to continue in a third installment, although apparently nothing has been officially confirmed so far .

The news that the second season will arrive next year in 2021 has quite excited fans of the saga.

It could be said that new episodes have been confirmed although Netflix has not announced it officially, this because as reported by Redanian Intelligence, that a new season of The Witcher was added to the Writers Guild of America.

Probably the third season will be released until 2022, because the recordings could take a bit, although it is known that it has had a lot of acceptance by the users of the platform, it would not be a surprise if they wanted to take their time to film the scenes. In addition to the fact that the situation with the pandemic is still uncertain, although there is already a little more control.

How do you know? The series is an adaptation of the popular video game The Witcher, which the fans liked a lot, so it is believed that it is very likely that a third part is already planned, however it will not be official until the platform itself shares the news, something that will surely be done once the second season has been launched, this because it is important to keep users aware of each of the news of the platform’s projects.

Although Henry Cavill was already known as an excellent actor since his character of Geralt de Rivia began to be promoted, fans and followers of the actor were immediately delighted with this character, especially because he is a little different from the roles I have played throughout his career.

In addition, he wears a different Look than we are used to seeing him, since Geralt has long white hair, he usually uses it with a half train, in addition to the fact that the protagonist’s eyes are yellow although Henry Cavill’s beautiful blue eyes are not hidden. It does not take away his personality at all, even giving him a very striking air that has been liked by millions.

Nowadays it is usual for the platform to launch Instagram accounts for each of its series or movies, in this case “Witcher Netflix” is the name of the official Instagram account of the series, it has around 1 million 200 thousand followers And although it has only 42 publications, these have become quite popular, showing some previews of key scenes and other striking scenes that have been favorites of the public.

Surely the users and fans of the series are waiting for more action scenes, especially those of love with which Henry Cavill has managed to steal your heart, the protagonist with Yennefer, also where he appears showing his bravery, but especially in the He appears wearing few articles of clothing.

It is very likely that the second and third seasons will surprise millions of users, especially since there are those who already know some important data that they hope will be included in these new projects.

It was believed that the Netflix platform aimed to create a universe of The Witcher similar to that of Game Of Thrones, especially because of the scenarios that were handled in the series, they probably reach this goal but with fewer seasons.

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