Godzilla vs. Kong Roars $ 122 Million Offshore Arc, Sets Covid-Era Record – Deadline

SUNDAY UPDATE, Refresh to last…: Warner Bros / Legendary Godzilla vs. Kong set a new benchmark for a Hollywood movie’s biggest international box office debut during the pandemic era with an estimate $ 121.8M of 38 foreign markets. These were led by China $ 70.34M (457 M RMB). Legendary markets and distributes its modern monster series in the Middle Kingdom where GVK exceeded $ 66 million (unadjusted) at the start of 2019 Godzilla: King of the Monsters. In comparable markets and at current exchange rates, GVK follow before KOTM by 11% and roughly on par with the opening weekend of Kong: Skull Island.

Clash of the Titans led by Adam Wingard has ranked # 1 in every market it has come out of. Mexico and Australia both were worth $ 6.3 million. In the first, it is by far the strongest launch since the reopening of theaters and lands 17% before that of 2014. Godzilla, 18% above Skull island and 45% more KOTM. Australia’s opening has passed all comps and has already passed the lifetime cume of KOTM.

Cineworld boss Mooky Greidinger says group is ‘actively negotiating’ changing theater window terms with studios

It is important to remember that there are still capacity restrictions in many areas, but the participation rate GVK demonstrates that when a great new product becomes available, moviegoers are eager to return to theaters to places where it is safe to do so.

Other markets to perform include Russia with $ 5.8 million in addition KOTMthe final cume of as well as being well ahead of Skull island. In Taiwan, GVK$ 5.2 million is the second biggest opening for WB behind Aquaman. India also weighed heavily, with strong membership in the south and posting $ 4.8 million for the second-biggest opening weekend in the pandemic.

In IMAX, GVK grossed around $ 12.4 million across 891 screens with 9.7% of the international box office total to become Hollywood’s biggest IMAX weekend since December 2019. IMAX results also represented the film’s ranking as the 5th biggest opening ever for a WB title. It is also Monster Universe’s largest IMAX opening in 13 markets including Russia, India and Taiwan.

It’s not all about the monsters this weekend, however, like Sony Peter Rabbit 2: The Fugue take the road Australia this session. Rising to $ 2.1 million, and heading into next week’s Easter break, the sequel is set for the long legs. In terms of comps, he debuted 34% ahead of The Secret Life of Pets 2 and just eked The boss baby. A larger international deployment begins in mid-May and continues through July.


SATURDAY UPDATE: After a good start on Friday, Warner Bros / Legendary’s Godzilla vs. Kong reported another $ 28 million (RMB 183.5 million) on Saturday in China. That’s a 33 percent increase from Friday’s opening which, compared to actual numbers, was $ 21.1 million (RMB 137 million). According to Sunday numbers, it can be a close fight for the top Godzilla: King of the Monsters“China’s start of $ 66 million (unadjusted), but the signs look positive. The current two-day estimated consumption in China is 320.4 million RMB ($ 49 million).

Just outside of China, GVK imminently prevails over Warner Bros’ Principle ($ 53 million) as Hollywood’s biggest offshore opening since Covid started. With what we understand, there is a strong game among the 37 other overseas markets where GVK debuts, the full international box office weekend now appears to exceed $ 100 million.

The fourth entry led by Adam Wingard in the modern monster series, which Legendary manages and markets in China, held its 9th score with the audience on Maoyan and the tracker is now projecting an ultimate finish of RMB 900.5million (138million dollars) in the market. It’s higher than where they saw it yesterday and would only protrude King of monsters‘full final execution of $ 135.4 million (also unadjusted). GVK leads the presales until next Thursday, then there is a local photo competition My sister will start on Friday April 2.

Communist Party spokesperson The Global Times rang on GVK this week, stating that the latest entry in the franchise “hopefully brings what Chinese audiences are happy to see: dazzling special effects and thrilling fight scenes between giant monsters.” It was after suggesting the week before that Hollywood needed to “make an adjustment” to the way it markets films in China.

Elsewhere, GVK saw an astonishing 204% increase from Friday to Saturday in Korea where he has now grossed $ 1.8 million over three days. We also hear that there have been big leaps in other markets.

We will have a full update on Sunday.

PREVIOUS, FRIDAY: Warner Bros / Legendary Godzilla vs. Kong beaten to an esteemed $ 21.5M (RMB 140M) starts in China today, good for the best opening day for a Hollywood title in the market since the start of Covid and predicting a weekend in the $ 60million range. The film positively dominated the Middle Kingdom with an 88% share and played on 42,482 screens. Including 37 other overseas markets where GVK kicks off this session, the fourth title in Legendary’s modern monster series now plans to make its international box office debut of over $ 90 million. The photo directed by Adam Wingard is released abroad ahead of the national which falls on March 31 day and day in theaters and on HBO Max.

As we noted in our overview, GVKWB’s bow will surpass that of WB Principle ($ 53 million International Opening Weekend) to mark a film’s biggest offshore studio debut in the era of the pandemic.

Social scores in China, where legendary grips, are strong with a 9 on Maoyan (vs. Godzilla: King of the Monsters‘ultimate 8.5). Douban’s critical score is currently 7 compared to KOTMfrom 6.3. GVK try to fight with KOTM$ 66 million launch in China (unadjusted) and is currently leading presales through next week until the local title My sister opens on Friday. Maoyan today predicts a finish of 878.5 million RMB ($ 134 million) for GVK, although these figures are subject to change.

Either way, this should be a relief for the studios given the apparent rejection of American films in China recently – and amid the ongoing backlash against American products that has been spurred by past comments from fashion brands. on working conditions in Xinjiang. Fortunately, this doesn’t seem to have an impact on the monster mash-up.

Clash of the Iconic Titans is also releasing in 37 other markets this weekend. Korea over two days has $ 693,000 in the # 1 slot. We hear that things are going very well elsewhere with good catches since the publication of some markets on Wednesday, which indicates GVK plays well and is not fully pre-loaded.

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