Gims: his new playstation 5 is driving him crazy!

Gims just posted a story on his Instagram account. The singer goes wild by not succeeding in connecting his Playstation 5.

Gims has just posted a new video on his social networks. And the least we can say is that the latter is quite astonishing. Indeed, the singer struggles to install his Playstation 5 but it turns out to be more complicated than expected.

Gims is therefore a rapper who usually knows how to keep his cool. But it seems that installing the Playstation 5 annoys him.

Indeed, the new console of the gaming giant will release the Playstation 5 in a few days. And the least we can say is that it already makes some people envious.

And rapper Gims was lucky enough to have it previewed. It seems that the latter is not so easy to install. He therefore decided to share the stages of the latter before literally going wild.


Indeed, Gims posted a video on social networks in which we see him going crazy. He cannot install the console and is losing patience. “But you’re going to shut your mouth! He says to the console.

And the least we can say is that this video quickly made the rounds on social media. And Internet users obviously did not fail to make fun of Gims.

Many responded and commented on the video. “But she speaks the console?” I got nothing haha ​​yet I took the time to slowly install each setting. ” “The PS5 is already driving some crazy”, we can read in the commentary. Others even wanted to give him an explanation, “It’s normal, he has activated the reading of texts, you just have to deactivate”.

Gims announced a few days ago that the release of his new album was postponed. “Le Fléau will not be released on Friday the 6th … Unfortunately, it is difficult to come out under these conditions. (…) I will take this opportunity to make other sounds, other collabs, other feats “.

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