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Gillian Anderson is no stranger to the Beverly Hills Hilton Ballroom, where the Golden Globes are usually held. She has been nominated four times for The X-Files, winning once, and received another nod for Dark house. “It really is the most fun of all [the awards shows]She said this morning, reflecting on her sixth appointment. She adds to her tally this year for her turn of Margaret Thatcher in The crown, but she’s sorry the show didn’t happen in person. “I’ll be in Prague, alone in a hotel room that night, and it’ll be a night I’ll never forget, no matter what the outcome.

What makes the Globes so great? “I’ve been in the business for quite a long time and luckily I have to stay in this room for special times,” she said. “I was there when Gwyneth won, famous, for Shakespeare in love and Ben and Matt for Goodwill hunting. When you could smoke in the room then when no one was allowed to smoke, but Sean Penn was still determined to do it anyway and no one could tell him otherwise. It’s a fabulous play and I try not to focus on the shame of our current situation.

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Instead, she is focusing on the team that completed her nomination. “I’m grateful to Peter Morgan, above all, for him and Nina Gold for imagining that maybe I could play her, and for writing such a complex and multifaceted version of Margaret Thatcher,” she said. “It was something I was really able to get my teeth into. Especially in a show like this, you really feel the contribution of every hand that goes into it. The entire film crew, and of course costume designer Amy Roberts and Cate Hall, who designed the fabulous nine foot tall wig. It really is a team effort.

The show’s upcoming fifth season will be a new experience, Anderson said, watching her as a fan for the first time. “I was involved in the background of the show, before I was even there, because of my past relationship with Peter Morgan,” she noted. “So I felt like I was part of the family before I was part of the cast. But all prime ministers only make one season, and it always has been. I knew it would only be a year, and I will absolutely continue to watch it as a fan in the future.

As to whether playing Margaret Thatcher gave Anderson a taste for high office, she said: “Who would want to be Boris? [Johnson] today? Who would have wanted to be Obama? I don’t think many of us would like to be in the shoes of a prime minister or president. Everyone in high office inherits so many problems and problems. Not being able to lie, first of all, or not being able to make mistakes when talking to friends or even the public, is such a monumental pressure, let alone the responsibility of the nations that you have. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

Thatcher, she said, was “built for this – absolutely it was. She says that on the show, politics is her first love. This is where she felt most at home and where she operated best, she felt. Whether people agree with it or not. And she lived and breathed. She slept very little and her brain suited the office perfectly. For many, I think it would be debilitating and exhausting. And I think some would say that she too was weakened by the end of her term.

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