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Amazon Fire TV Sticks are a widespread choice among consumers because they offer more flexibility over entertainment. However, the third generation Firestick is not 100% accurate. You will encounter problems frequently. One of the most common mistakes that many users deal with is “Firestick Optimizing Storage”.

When you try to start the TV it gets stuck on the home screen with the Amazon logo and says that Firestick is optimizing memory. The problem can be pretty daunting as it takes over 10 minutes to optimize each time. Some users claimed it could take more than hours at times.

How to Fix Firestick Optimizing Storage Error? Fortunately, there are some easy solutions to the fatal error. In this guide, we’re going to discuss what to do to fix the problem.

How To Fix Firestick Optimizing Storage: Get the Most Out of Your Fire TV

Use the original power cord

As with the other devices, you can turn on the Amazon Firestick with any cable. However, you shouldn’t do this because most of the time the error occurs when you’re using a third-party power cord. You must use the original manufacturer’s cable for decent performance.

The Firestick usually includes a power cord along with the other accessories. If the cable is damaged, you will need to purchase a new OEM cable from the manufacturer. You can find his Amazon store.

Use the original adapter

Like the OEM power cord, you’ll need this too Original adapter from Amazon. If you’ve changed the cable and the problem is still unsolved, the adapter may be the culprit. If you don’t have the original adapter or if you have a damaged one, you’ll need to buy a new one. The adapter should also come from Amazon.

Although some users were able to solve the problem using adapters that are not from Amazon but have the same specification. We recommend that you contact Amazon’s for security. You can also try using a 2 amp adapter instead of 1 amp. Be careful though, as this will be risky.

Do not use the power strip

Sometimes the problem can also appear due to a lack of performance. This usually happens when you power the Firestick from a strip that also powers several other devices. You can plug the cable into a direct power outlet. This will ensure that the device has enough and consistent power to function smoothly.

Remove any additional USB cables from the adapter

Are you using additional USB extension cables in the Firestick adapter? This can also cause the Firestick optimization memory error. The extra USB cable can prevent the Firestick from getting the power it needs. This is because the power ratings of both wires may not be the same. This can also lead to errors like restarting the loop.

Update the Firestick

Finally, you can try updating the Firestick. As mentioned earlier, the Firestick is not yet 100% accurate. However, the development team works tirelessly to fix the bugs and improve performance. If the error occurs because of a software glitch, the updates may help you fix it.

How to update: Open the Firestick settings, then select my Firestick TV. Then go to the “Info” tab and there you will find the option “Check for System Update”. Download the update that is available.

Reset the Firestick

If you have followed all of the above and the error still occurs, the only thing left to do is to roll back. Resetting will delete all apps, settings, and add-ons installed on the Firestick device. It can help if the programs or settings are causing the problem.

How to reset the Firestick – Open Settings from home, then switch to the My Fire TV option. There you should find “Factory Reset to Defaults”. Click on it and give the device a while to complete the process.


Firestick is one of the best ways to enjoy on-demand shows on your regular TV. However, errors like “Firestick Optimizing Storage” can sometimes affect your experience. We hope the above steps will help you eliminate the annoying error.

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