George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones) will invest in a historic train!

George R. R. Martin, the man behind the Game of Thrones series joined two other people in the acquisition of a historic train!

The author of Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin, has just invested in a very special train. He also partnered with two other buyers to acquire it.

Historical sale: George R. R. Martin and two other people have just bought an old train. It is then the mythical Santa Fe Southern Railroad.

The author of Game of Thrones has teamed up with Bill Banowsky and Catherine Oppenheimer to acquire it. This purchase obviously includes the train and its 20 or so wagons, as well as its 29km of railway line.

“There’s something about this train that takes you back,” said Oppenheimer, one of Game of Thrones’ dad’s two associates. “In an era that we consider simpler, based more on the community, long before the Internet,” she continues.

“Before air travel and even before television,” she insists. Ultimately, George R. R. Martin, Banowsky and Oppenheimer want to bring this train from the 1920s to life.

Oppenheimer told Fox Business that it wanted to offer “a super fun travel experience that shapes the history and culture and natural beauty of New Mexico.” Everything will therefore take place between Lamy and Sante Fe.

That said, none of the negotiators wanted to give sales details. Not even the father of Game of Thrones, says Fox Business.

Finally, according to Oppenheimer, who was the most talkative, the cost price of this line would be “in millions”. This century-old train will not reveal the price of its longevity.

That said, we can’t wait to see it put back on its feet … Finally, on rails. But also to discover what George R. R. Martin, the author of Game of Thrones reserves …

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