GeForce RTX 3070, analysis! Here are the Details

The best of the best? We analyze a proposal that comes at a complex time and is postulated as the perfect GPU.

The new RTX 3080 and 3090 aren’t going to be the best deal for NVIDIA and its assemblers. They will not be the same as the 2080, 1080 and other manufacturer flagships were not. As usual, the 70 best-selling cards will once again be the ones that will mark where the technological bar of the generation remains. The company presented its new cards for Spain and its launch date and we have been able to test the 3070 thoroughly and we are clear that it is here to stay for a long time.

The business is in the mid-range, where most of the users can aspire. The demonstrations of strength of the 3090 are good to know how far this technology reaches, but, as users, what we are interested in are products where the benefits and the price are compensated; what we could call a smart purchase. And that’s where the 3070 is THE card to go.

NVIDIA hit the table with its RTX 30 series and finally put very compromised possibilities for previous generations within our reach, such as RTX lighting and 4K resolution. What at the beginning of this year was an unattainable dream for most gamers, this generation of GPU has brought it closer to the point that the expected step between the standard of 1080 and the future of 4k, is going to be a lot more fleeting than we all anticipated.

With both its raw power and its architecture, the 30 Series promises a remarkable graphical leap, which will become even more apparent as game developers learn to harness them. And within the series, after seeing the final prices and yields, the vast majority of eyes are directed to the little girl of the family, the 3070. It has everything to attract our attention and from its very presentation it took over the best slogan advertising: Same returns, at half price. The almighty 2080Ti and its € 1,300 crushed by the cheapest of the new series, a card of only € 519 …

Just a handful of days later, AMD is in a counteroffensive. It is also something classic since even before the arrival of AMD itself, when the aspiring Radeon was signed by an already historic ATi. The difference today is that, finally, it seems that the fight is going to be really balanced, contested, the kind that are so interesting for the viewer.

So, with all the information on the table, after a week using the 3070 Founders Edition provided by NVIDIA, we can assess, from all perspectives, what this manufacturer is proposing to us for this generation.

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