Geena Davis and Wendy Guerrero preview at the 2021 Bentonville Film Festival, August 3-8 | Festivals and awards

“The 2020 festival was the most diverse program we’ve ever had, with over 70 films scheduled,” Davis noted. “80% of films were made by women, 65% by people of color and 45% by LGBTQIA + people. In 2021, as Wendy said, we are looking even further into our initiatives and our core mission, and our biggest takeaway last year was that creating a film festival with this level of fairness compromised absolutely nothing. In fact, it showcased the tremendous talents and abilities of many underrepresented storytellers who make up the fabric of our communities here in the United States and around the world.

BFF has declared its commitment to following CDC and state guidelines for public events in its planning process for the August festival, which will include drive-thru movies, outdoor movies and public events for families. in downtown Bentonville. Competition filmmakers will be invited to participate in events such as Happy Hour, Lunch and Awards, while film programs, panels and filmmaker talks will continue to be available on the platform. virtual festival. Perhaps one of the most intriguing annual events, which airs this year, is “Geena and Friends,” where Davis invites other celebrities to read a famous screenplay while swapping gender roles.

“A lot of times we chose comedies, but it’s funny, no matter what genre the movie is, to realize how that obviously could work with women instead,” Davis said. “This has been my message to studios and the industry for many years: don’t make a movie or release a movie without going through a genre lens first. Go through it and see which characters could be male and female. Invite male and female actors to audition for each part. We’re doing this as a fun way to show that there are a lot more possibilities in your casting than what the writer thought of, and so we hope that changes the industry.

For more information, visit the official site of the Bentonville Film Festival.

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