Gap ‘Part of the Design’ on Pixel 5’s Display

Google Pixel 5 users worried that the gap between the phone case and the screen was a manufacturing defect. The company announced that these gaps are part of the design.

Google Pixel 5 was launched in October. After the smartphone reached its users, discussions began on the forums that a design error might be found on the phone. The reason for these discussions was the thin gap between the phone’s screen and the case.

Google made a statement on the subject and sprinkled water on the hearts of its customers. The company stated that these gaps were included in the design and that it was not a mistake. He also stated that the phone’s resistance to water or dust did not decrease due to the gap.

Design not fault

A community representative who answered customer questions on Pixel official forums highlighted that these gaps were not caused by a manufacturing defect or careless workmanship. “We had the opportunity to inspect units from customers, and when combined with our factory quality control data, we can confirm that the gap between the phone body and the screen is a normal part of your Pixel 5’s design,” the representative statement said. said.

This somewhat interesting statement came on top of multiple users’ comments pointing to openings in different locations and sizes. It is also stated that these openings are not found in every phone. This raises new questions about why there are no openings on every phone or why the locations of the openings are different.

Water and dust proof is ok

In the statement made, it was also stated that the space “had no effect on the water or dust proof or functionality”. So Google Pixel 5 users can trust their smartphones with IP68 certification.

The question of why this gap exists on phones was one of the questions that could not find an answer. One reason could be the method used to fix the phone’s screen to the rest of the phone. Although the gap does not pose a problem in itself, it is seen as a sloppy detail for the company’s flagship.

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