Game Of Thrones actress alleges physical and psychological abuse to Marilyn Manson – Deadline

The iron Throne Actress Esmé Bianco has raised allegations of physical and psychological abuse by Marilyn Manson, who she dated in 2011.

Bianco joins Evan Rachel Wood and five other women in alleging the abuse of Bryan Warner, aka Marilyn Manson.

Today, Bianco detailed at the cup about what Manson did to her during the months she lived with him.

She claimed Manson inflicted cuts and bruises that left permanent scars on his body, including a cut to the torso with a knife. “I just remember lying there, and I didn’t fight him,” Bianco said. “It was kind of that last straw moment where I had lost all sense of hope and security.”

Bianco met the singer in 2009 when she was chosen for an unreleased music video for Manson. After Manson’s divorce from Dita Von Teese, the two got involved.

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Bianco was a star in Manson’s Lewis Carroll-inspired film Phantasmagoria. But her work visa depended on this project and worried that leaving Manson would mean his visa privileges would be sabotaged, so she stuck with him despite the abuse.

While at Manson, Bianco’s The iron Throne scenes created. She played a prostitute, and she claimed that Manson would repeatedly replay the sex scene for the guests in order to humiliate her.

“I think I would have made excuses for him,” said Bianco the cup. “I was in survival mode at the time, and my brain had taught me to be small and nice.”

Eventually, she fled while Warner slept, she said.

“I basically felt like a prisoner,” Bianco said. “I came and went as he pleased. The person I spoke to was completely controlled by him. I called my family while hiding in the closet.

The “breaking point” for Bianco came after Manson chased her down with an ax, she claimed.

Bianco and Wood both backed the Phoenix Act, which extended California’s domestic violence statute of limitations by five years. Bianco testified in the California Senate, but did not mention Manson by name. The law adopted in 2020.

Warner called the claims of various women “horrible distortions of reality” and said that her intimate relationships “have always been entirely consensual with like-minded partners.

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