FXHome’s free virtual production app now has chroma key filters

The company behind HitFilm has updated CamTrackAR, an app that lets you do this With Apple’s AR technology, you can capture video and 3D data at the same time.

CamTrackAR Allows anyone to create virtual productions on the iPhone or iPad where users can import and prepare 3D models in real time.

With version 2.0, the app has added new features, including the ability to import 3D models as virtual backgrounds, new chroma key filters for working in blue or green screens, and the ability to import still images to use in virtual scenes to place.

The mobile software uses the LiDAR scanner on the iPhone and iPad and was introduced last year. It’s the first iOS app for content creators who want to simultaneously record footage and track data in real time at the same time.

With every new software there will be improvements and updates along the way. And while it’s not perfect, CamTrackAR v2.0 saves a lot of time creating previs scenes for virtual production. The easy-to-use interface makes it easy to use without a VFX background and is a great solution for anyone looking for quick AR placement.

The following is new in CamTrackAR v2.0:

  • New user interface

    • CamTrackAR offers a new and more user-friendly interface that offers more control over virtual production scenes
    • Designed to be familiar to anyone using the standard camera app on their iPhone or iPad
  • Virtual production functions
    • Import 3D models as virtual backgrounds or props and dynamically place them around a scene
    • Professional chroma key filter for working with green or blue backgrounds that allows users to easily select and isolate subjects before applying virtual backgrounds
    • Professional dye removal filter to remove color casts from the background on the subject
    • Change chroma keying properties in real time to suit your needs and your environment
    • Real-time compositing and keying to place your actors in a virtual environment
  • Camera control
    • Improved camera controls for focus
    • New controls for exposure and exposure distortion
    • New controls for color temperature
  • export
    • Export camera data to Autodesk FBX format
  • Playback and broadcast
    • The user can play back sessions within the CamTrackAR app on the device of an external monitor (this has yet to be confirmed). This allows directors to view daily newspapers or plot shared scenes on set instead of delaying post-production

The free version of CamTrackAR 2.0 is available in the Apple App Store. Users can export pre-tracked footage to platforms like Blender, HitFilm Express, and HitFilm Pro.

The paid version offers the option of adding multiple anchor points and exporting them for After Effects. The price is $ 4.99 per month or a one-time payment of $ 30.

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