From the Aston Martin to the BMW 750i, it also has the “James Bond” touch in real life!

From Aston Martin to BMW 750i: Take a look at Pierce Brosnan’s collection of cars (Photo credit: Instagram / Aston Martin, BMW 750i and Pierce Brosnan)

Pierce Brosnan is well known for being the fifth actor to play the role of James Bond in the Bond film series. He has appeared in four Bond films – GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough, and Die Another Day. Interestingly, the 67-year-old actor is not only classy in the movies but also in real life.

As a wealthy movie star, Brosnan has acquired a unique taste for cars, but he lacks one of Italian exotics. While this is a bit surprising, it says a lot about what he is. So let’s take a look at its unique car collections.

Ford Anglia (1965)

The car was first released in 1959 and around that time it was dubbed “the world’s most exciting light car”. Over a million cars were sold during its production until 1968. According to GQ magazine, Pierce Brosnan bought the car from his stepfather for £ 50 in 1971. Regarding his first car, he said: “The driver’s door was broken. You kind of had to hold him back to get in. This is the same car that Harry Potter drove in the sky.

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish (2002)

It was one of the coolest cars in his garage. After starring as Agent 007 in four films, Pierce Brosnan received the car from the British automaker. It was a factory-customized Vanquish V12, at the very start of the first generation of the beloved GT. However, in 2015, Brosnan’s residence was engulfed in fire and the car was lost. The actor even shared a photo of the remains of the car.

Range Rover Vogue HSE

When the new Range Rover was launched in 2013, the car was dubbed “the best car in the world”. While the car is notoriously expensive to repair, there’s no doubt Pierce Brosnan can’t afford to keep his Range Rover Vogue HSE running smoothly.

Bmw 750i

Brosnan owns a 2018 BMM 750i which is an electrified supercar. While it’s not exactly a driver’s car, it comes with all kinds of comforts as well as gimmicks, and that’s arguably why he loves it so much.

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