From Monica’s Plaid Shirts To Rachel’s Knee High Boots, The 5 Best Fashion Styles That Are Always Trendy

Top 5 Fashion Styles From Friends Who Are Always In Fashion (Photo Credit – Instagram; Youtube)

We know most of you adore FRIENDS that watch frenzy and wouldn’t want another reason to review all 10 seasons again. Watching a decade of nostalgic style is a treat in itself, but on closer inspection, Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica are, in fact, all serious contenders to be muses for the Spring / Summer 2021 season.

From plaid shirts to knee-high boots, here are the 5 best looks from the popular ’90s sitcom that we can still wear and turn all heads.


The check is a big trend right now, and we especially love Monica’s look for our own wardrobe. I’m sure every girl should have at least one plaid shirt in her wardrobe. This style never gets old and I don’t think it ever will. A plaid shirt associated with a pair of denim or jeggings according to your taste with a pair of sneakers is perfect.


Jennifer Aniston, aka Rachel, wears a mini skirt and knee high boots like no other. Even today in 2021, knee high boots are a trend that girls are following like crazy. It not only elevates your fashion game, but looks ultra-chic and classy. We may wait to relaunch it until these various levels of lockdown are properly completed.

Friends: Top 5 Fashion Styles, From Monica's Plaid Shirts To Rachel's Knee High Boots That Are Always Trendy
Top 5 Fashion Styles Of Friends Who Are Always In Fashion (Photo Credit – Youtube / Still)


We’re a little in love with Monica’s 70s workwear style mini dress. This is our back to the office outfit sorted, every day maybe.


Slip dresses like Rachel’s were massive in the 90s and they’re making a huge revival. Whether it’s a date night or a fun outing with friends; slip dress can never go wrong.


Long maxi dresses are so trendy right now, and it’s for every season. In the summer you can just wear the dress and in the winter you can layer it over a sleek turtleneck just like Phoebe.

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