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EXCLUSIVE: Imagine Documentaries and Impact Partners have teamed up on the feature documentary Paper and glue. It is produced by the famous French artist JR on a very personal subject: his own work. Using unexpected canvases, JR’s intention is to give ordinary people a global voice through a genre combination of public art, photography and large-format performance.

The film will debut at one of the spring festivals, and I’ve heard it’ll probably be at the Tribeca Film Festival in June.

From the first videos of illicit graffiti captured on the rooftops of Paris at night to a monumental portrait posed on the US-Mexico border wall to a current collaboration in a California supermax prison, Paper and glue uses the power of collaborative art to uplift communities and inspire self-expression. Told through JR’s first-person narratives, the film uses his vast personal archives to revisit and reveal rare behind-the-scenes moments of his life and work over the past 20 years. Interwoven into these moments of emotional reflection are current dynamic truth scenes of the creation of new works and the creation of new collaborations.

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JR co-directed the Oscar nominated documentary Faces places. Paper and glue is produced by Sara Bernstein and Justin Wilkes of Imagine Documentaries, Dallas Brennan Rexer and Marc Azoulay. Brian Grazer and Ron Howard of Imagine are executive producers with Jenny Raskin, Geralyn White Dreyfous and Lauren Haber of Impact Partners.

“This is the first documentary on my work that takes you through my process and reveals the impact of my projects on communities,” said JR.

Justin Wilkes, President of Imagine Documentaries, said, “JR’s larger-than-life installations unite, inspire and empower all who come in contact with them. In many ways, this film is the largest canvas he’s worked on to date and a timely opportunity to share the healing power of art with a global audience.

Jenny Raskin of the Impact said: “Collaborating with JR, Imagine Documentaries and the entire team behind Paper & Glue has been an enriching experience at every step. JR’s process in making this film has been particularly open and fiery – his optimism is contagious and much needed in the world right now.

The film is produced in association with Time Studio and Shark Island Institute, with Lynne Benioff and Marc Benioff executive producers for Time and Ian Darling executive producer for Shark Island Institute. Executive producers are also Jim & Susan Swartz, Patty Quillin and Regina K Scully. Imagine’s Meredith Kaulfers is co-executive producer, along with Paula Froehle, Steve Cohen and Nina & David Fialkow.

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