Freddie Mercury answers ‘a lot of S * x’ when asked about his favorite hobbies will make you fall for it

When the interviewer asked Freddie Mercury about his hobbies, the British singer said: ‘Lots of S * x’ (Photo credit: IMDb)

British singer-songwriter Freddie Mercury is considered one of the greatest singers in the history of rock music. He is well known for his flamboyant stage character and four octave vocal range. The singer died on November 24, 1991, at the age of 45.

Apparently, the singer was suffering from AIDS at the time of his death. A book “Freddie Mercury: A life, In His Own Words,” which was compiled and edited by Greg Brooks and Simon Lupton, revealed his insatiable sex drive. However, the singer also confirmed his sex drive.

During a conversation, an interview asked about Freddie Mercury’s hobbies, but the response was not expected from anyone in the studio. The British singer said he didn’t have time for any hobbies, but immediately changed his mind and said his only hobby was having sex.

Freddie has once again shown why everyone calls him a legend next to his performance on stage. The British singer has shown the importance of being honest with everyone and has proven himself to be a humble personality. Take a look at the hilarious conversation below:

Returning to the book, he highlights one of the first interviews where he revealed, “I had a lot of lovers, of course… both men and women. I’ve tried relationships on either side, but my business never seems to last. All have gone wrong. He also said he had reached a point in life where he was “living for a sex” and was not too concerned about where he might meet his demands.

“My s * x drive is huge. I sleep with men, women, cats – you name it. I’ll go to bed with anything! My bed is so big it can comfortably sleep six. I prefer my gender without any involvement and there were times when I was extremely promiscuous, ”said Freddie Mercury, as stated in the book.

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