Fortnite’s Battle Bus is moving over to Rocket League for Llama-Rama

One of the most iconic video game vehicles at the moment — the big blue Battle Bus in Fortnite — is about to arrive in another hit video game: Rocket League. The swap was announced by Epic Games this week ahead of a planned crossover event between the two games, one that will celebrate Rocket League‘s official transition to a free game business model. Want to join in the celebration? You’ll need to participate in the Llama-Rama.

Epic announced the Llama-Rama event last week, revealing that it will have a crossover between its hit battle royale game and Rocket League, another hit it now owns after acquiring developer Psyonix. Whereas Rocket League used to cost money, Epic previously announced its intentions to make the game free for everyone, instead monetizing it through in-game purchases similar to the way Fortnite operates.

To celebrate the game switching over to the ‘free’ price tag in a few days, Epic will hold the Fortnite x Rocket League crossover event called Llama-Rama. The trailer above officially introduces this event, shedding a bit of light on how it will look when fans fire up the game this weekend. Among other things, it seems players will be able to take control of the Battle Bus.

If you want to participate and you don’t yet own Rocket League, you’ll need to download the game on September 26, the day Epic will make it free. The Llama-Rama event will take place this weekend, giving players Fortnite-themed cosmetics, which will be unlocked by completing challenges.

Items will include a Llama flyer antenna, Llama topper for cars, Loot Llama decal, Llama wheels, and, of course, the Battle Bus vehicle. The latter item is shown in its characteristic blue color on the Llama-Rama web page, but also in red. Llama-Rama will remain live in the game through October 12, according to Epic; the full details on the event, as well as images of the vehicles and items, can be found in the official event announcement here.

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