Fortnite players are using Iron Man and Crash Pad combo for hilarious launches

The fourth season of Fortnite‘s second chapter has ushered in a variety of mythic-tier superpowers belonging to a variety of popular Marvel characters, including Iron Man. One superpower players get from Iron Man gives them the ability to boost themselves into the air and fly around a bit, but recently it has been discovered that pairing this boost with a Crash Pad has hilarious results.

Epic made the controversial decision to get rid of Launch Pads this season, reducing players’ ability to quickly escape the Storm and travel long distances quickly. Bounce Pads and Crash Pads are the replacement, however, with the latter offering a bigger boost and multiple rapid jumps.

Put simply, the player throws a Crash Pad on the ground, where it rapidly inflates into a giant balloon under them, bouncing them a relatively large distance while still keeping them in the general region. The Iron Man Thrusters, meanwhile, enable the player who wields them to momentarily fly around in the air above any given region, offering a quick escape and new fighting mechanic.

Excuse me, Fortnite? from r/FortNiteBR

Neither of those flight options is terribly powerful on their own, but when combined together, players have discovered that they’re sent soaring into the sky, making far more than a quick escape. In fact, they’re sent so high and remain in the sky for so long, careful use of this ability could easily help someone win the end game as the Storm closes in on the final opponent.

The ability was brought to mass player attention through a video that went viral on the FortniteBR subreddit. In it, we see the player innocently jumping on a Crash Pad while using Iron Man’s boost ability, only to be launched so high in the air that it was unclear whether they’d ever return to the land.

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