Fortnite: 5 Marvel and DC Heroes to include in the game

In case Epic Games asked us what are the Marvel or DC superhero skins that we want to see in Fortnite, the answer would be these five characters.

To become one of the most successful games today, Fortnite has used multiple resources such as partnering with other entertainment companies to include characters from popular culture within the battle royale.

The latest leaks suggest that we could soon see the arrival of comics to the game and with this speculation has arisen about the possible incorporation of new skins of Thor and Galactus, or of some other legendary Marvel character.

Here are some of the superheroes from the comic book universe that Fortnite should include in future updates.

5 superheroes that should come to Fortnite

5. Batman

Can you imagine a night scene in Fortnite in which the classic bat signal suddenly appears in the sky? A collaboration with DC that includes the hero of Gotham City would be more than interesting, in addition to its wide range of accessories and combat gadgets that would add more flavor to any game in the game.

4. Storm

Returning to the Marvel heroes, we believe that Storm would be one of the members of the X-Men that would best mix with Fortnite. Imagine being able to influence the weather to distract or defeat enemies in a limited time mode. For various strategic reasons, the Mother of Nature would make an excellent inclusion.

3. Wolverine

Staying in the way of the X-Men, there is no doubt that Wolverine is one of the favorite characters in the comics. Like the lightsabers that were added when Fortnite had its Star Wars update, Wolverine’s claws would make for an incredible pickaxe. Its claws could be used not only to cut things and get materials faster, but also to deflect bullets.

2. The Flash

If Flash were added to the game, imagine being able to land on that new POI and then instead of being killed by a player who landed and grabbed a weapon, with Flash’s super speed you will be able to get closer to a safe place or even move to a place different.

1. Robin

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Epic Games should consider adding Robin. He’s Batman’s sidekick, yes, but Robin also opens up the possibility of adding Nightwing in some way. Nightwing might not have real superpowers, but her costume would stand out as one of the best in the game.

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