For Tom Hardy, fighting Batman was the hardest part and the reason will melt your heart

The Dark Knight Rises: Tom Hardy on Batman Fight (Photo Credit – Tom Hardy / Instagram / Imdb)

Christopher Nolan has given us a trilogy that will be remembered with us until our last breath. Whether it’s Batman Begins, The black Knight or The dark knight rises, each part of the franchise has its own charm that cannot be erased no matter how many times you watch it. In today’s play, we’ll be talking about an interesting thing that was revealed by Tom Hardy aka Bane about the filming of the second installment.

Hardy played his role of Bane to the utmost perfection and we can’t even imagine another face for it. From physical transformation to mental preparation for a ruthless character, Hardy has it all. He really enjoyed playing a villain opposite to Batman, but the same reason gave him some sort of discomfort as well.

During one of the promotional interviews for The Dark Knight Rises, Tom Hardy revealed that filming fight scenes with Batman was the hardest part for him. No, stunts weren’t a problem for the actor, but it was thought to beat his childhood hero, which was really tough for him. “I felt like I was beating my childhood hero,” he said during the interview, according to IMDb.

Meanwhile, in one of the articles devoted to The dark knight rises, we revealed Tom Hardy’s inspiration for Bane’s voice.

Hardy had revealed that his character’s voice was inspired by the late actor, Richard Burton. “Bane is someone who is in tremendous pain all the time. So he had an older voice. Which is sort of Richard Burton, I guess, you know. Slightly flowery, villainous English camp… in many ways, but just off center, ”quotes Hardy according to the special blu-ray additions of The Dark Knight Rises.

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