Fixed the issue with Game Names in PlayStation Store

Sony has listened to the reactions that the names of the games do not even write on the PlayStation Store and added the names of the games to the store. However, screenshots or videos of the games are still not displayed.

Continuing to prepare for the release of the new generation game console PlayStation 5, Sony updated the web and mobile version of PlayStation Store at the end of last month as part of these preparations.

Sony has placed emphasis on “simplicity” in the new PlayStation Store design. In fact, the company was so overwhelmed by the simplicity that the first version of the new PlayStation Store included only the poster and price of the games, not even the names of the games.

The first version of the new PlayStation Store without game titles
The fact that the names of the games were not written on the PlayStation Store caused the gamers to decide (!) Which game to buy by looking at the price or the banner of the game while browsing the store. Because these were the only information you could see about the game on the main page.

Sony will realize that this is more than simplicity, with the warnings (!) Of the gamers, that it has updated the PlayStation Store once again and made at least the names of the listed games appear.

The current version of the new PlayStation Store

You can now view the titles of the games while browsing the PlayStation Store homepage or game listings. However, when you visit the product page of any game, you still cannot access screenshots or videos about the game.

As we reported at the beginning of our report, Sony is currently focused on the launch of the PlayStation 5, and the company will fix the shortcomings and errors in the PlayStation Store as the console’s release approaches. It should also be noted that none of these shortcomings are found in the PlayStation application of PlayStation Store.

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