Five tools run-and-gun filmmakers need

These tools are affordable and will take your production to a new level.

Everyone tries to put their kits together and put together the best possible tools to make their projects stand out. When you’re a low-budget indie filmmaker, sometimes you feel behind the game or too expensive for that high-end gear.

But the best tools don’t always have to be expensive. Sometimes you can even make them yourself. Hell, we have a whole bunch of DIY filmmaking items. But if you’re ready for a small upgrade, or just looking for affordable and reliable tools, then this is the place to be.

Movie riot put together this awesome list of must-have gear for run-and-gun indie filmmakers. Check out their video, then head to the top food stalls.

1. Aputure MC

The MC is an affordable and portable little light with hue, saturation and intensity controls. It’s bright, fits in any pocket, and comes with a magnetized back so you can stick it almost anywhere. What more could an indie filmmaker want? And with the RGB color control, you can bring the light into any color you dream of.

You can also buy several at your own pace and make your own kit. Multiple units can be purchased through Aputures. synchronized and controlled Sidus Link app.

You can buy the light Here.

Recognition: Movie riot

2. FX lenses

You can get cool effects and photo editing in real time by adding a simple FX lens filter to your build.

We have written over the years about the cool prisms and kaleidoscope lenses you can use PrismLensFX. They are highlighted here again! These filters and prisms are an easy way to achieve dreamy effects in the camera. For example, I just watched Alex Garlands destruction, and you could probably get similar rainbow refractions by using one of this company’s prisms.

Or what about our old friend, the split diopter? PrismLensFX makes one Lens-mounted split diopter filter and a Hand filter.

These are simple tools that can go a long way in making you stand out from the crowd.

3. Haze

Few effects are harder than haze or fog. Add a little haze to your scene and suddenly the atmosphere is elevated to an elf. A simple set suddenly becomes sexy or mysterious. Your lighting changes in interesting ways. And it’s so easy to get to.

Film Riot recommends Atmosphere aerosol for a quick solution to haze. Here is another “Haze in a can“for a simple, affordable option.

Haze is a thin, smoky diffusion that hangs in the air. The advantage of haze (instead of fog) is that it is a thinner, lighter effect that works quickly and stays in the air for a long time. This is great for long shoots.

Another option would be to rent or find a cheaper hazer like this one that of CHAUVET.

Recognition: Movie riot

4th Boom rod holder

Who needs a few more hands? Just get the Auray boom pole holder for $ 25!

This is a perfect tool for static shots and small crews. With one person operating the camera and the other acting as a talent, you don’t need another crew member to hold the boom.

Stop worrying about tired arms and the mic won’t fall into your pickup unless your C-stand decides to take a rest.

5. Sound effects

One area you don’t want to skimp on is sound. Bad sound can improve or destroy your project, so it’s worth spending a few dollars if you have to.

Film Riot picks up a service here called. emerged Solid. Soundly is a cloud-based sound effects app with a free version, although it uses the paid tier for $ 15 per month. This gives you 10 gigabytes of cloud storage.

Here are some additional options for music and sound effects:

What are some of your must-have tools for your indie film projects? Leave your tips in the comments!

For more tools …

Check out these free editing transitions. Here is another free download for DaVinci Resolve LUTs. And if you’re looking for some DIY hacks, we’ve put together an easy and cheap list for you.

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