Five tips for cameramen and editors from Valentina Vee

Sometimes you can get stuck in a creative rut for a while. With these tips we can help you move out.

Listen, getting where you want to be can be difficult. Sometimes it feels like you’re shooting weddings or doing very underfunded projects for the rest of your life. Some call it a rut, others see it as an opportunity for growth.

Valentina Vee, known for her high-end advertising and campaigning work, as well as filming a few shows for Discovery, sat down with. together Stalman podcast to share career tips for budding cameramen and editors and those looking to move up to the next level. From the pricing to the tools you should be using, here are some of NFS ‘takeaways from the conversation.

If you’d like to watch the full conversation, click the video below:

Here are the most important tips from the conversation.

Everyone wants you and your skills

The market for cameramen and cutters is insane right now. From small one-man productions on YouTube to marketing agencies to companies themselves, your skills are in demand.

We live in a time when everything is cinematic. Companies are now forming in-house marketing and video teams so they don’t have to outsource. Vee said, “You could be a local cameraman in Kansas making real estate videos for banks.” There are no limits to your skills.

When making wedding videos, think about how to turn them into a documentary film style. You get free models and a free storyline, and since weddings tend to have the same or a similar storyline, try to evolve the way you show these key elements in your movie. When editing videos, try adding cinematic intros, live graphics, and different types of backgrounds and effects.

Remember that someone is always watching your work. It could be 20 to millions of people. It’s not just for you, but for everyone. The development of the film is a never-ending phenomenon. Always strive to do what you want or develop the type of genre you are recording or editing.

Expand this portfolio to attract the customers you want

At some point in your career, you may think that you want to do something different. Change the type of videos you’re recording or editing, and that’s perfectly fine. So how do you get the customers you want?

Expand your role!

Vee says she wanted to do a commercial for Air New Zealand but her offer was turned down. She asked why her pitch wasn’t accepted and her answer was simple: she didn’t have enough travel. Upon hearing this news, Vee booked a two week trip to Europe and filmed everything she could catch. The result was a sick travel video that she proudly added to her portfolio.

Customers find and accept you based on your experience. If you don’t have the experience go and get it. Don’t say you just want something, because what good is that to you? In the words of Shia Labeouf: “Just do it!”

On the set with Valentina Vee Recognition: Case study with Valentina Vee

Make sure your shoot has a concept

Yes, it’s nice to make a shot look pretty, but what does it do? What happens if the pretty person is taken out of the shot? Is the recording cinematic? These are the questions to ask yourself before taking a picture.

It’s all about what’s on the other side of the lens. It’s not about you, it’s about the ability to present concepts to the world in interesting ways. Don’t be selfish.

High dynamic range cameras allow little to no work, but cameras are not the most important thing. It builds a concept worth photographing. Check out the commercial for the Dollar Shave Club that went viral. The Video is simple: the owner just walks around talking, but everything that happens around him has failed. The concept is what the video sold.

Make sure your social platforms reflect the way you want to be seen

Social media is important in the digital age. It can show future employers what you can do and whether you are a good fit for their company. Don’t have an Instagram page full of pictures of your dog if you want to work for someone who wants to see how creative or experimental you are. Represent yourself the way you want the professional world to see you.

Also, don’t be afraid to send someone a DM if you want to ask them a question. But that’s how you should ask them a question. Make it short, specific, and respectful, and then follow up if they don’t respond after a few days. Most likely, the person you contacted was just busy, but when you follow up you show that you are available and interested in the things that they are doing.

Remember, humans are not tech support! If you need help finding the right camera for your next project, ask us. That’s why NFS is here.

Equipment doesn’t matter

According to Vee, no gear in the world really matters. Vee rents all of her gear for a shoot because there’s no point buying something she may never use again. But if she had to choose one to be held above the other, it’s sound and light.

High quality audio is very important because it is how everyone can hear what is going on in the video. Put microphones where they are needed and make sure you can clearly hear the people speaking with no problem.

If you’ve been part of NFS for a long time, you know the importance of lighting. A full setup can get expensive, but that’s what the sun is here for. The sun is the best light because it can create beautiful colors and is flattering to everyone, and the best part is that it is free. You can use a reflective board to direct the light in the direction it needs to go. It is very important to plan when to shoot in sunlight. Make sure there are very few clouds in the sky and that you are not taking pictures at noon when the sunlight is strong. Plan Before You Shoot!

Shoot in the sunRecognition: Kristina Kochanova

In the end, if you feel like you are doing your best, then you will be fine. There is always room for growth, but only you can bring yourself to it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or film something with a friend just for fun. The payout could be just what you need to take the next step forward.

What do you think of Valentina Vee’s tips? Let us know in the comments!

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