Five Feet Apart gets March release date in China, fans disappointed with new poster

Cole Sprouse-Starring Romance ‘Five Feet Apart’ Nabs March China Release, Photoshops Poster (Photo credit – Imdb)

LOS ANGELES ( – CBS Films’ 2019 romantic drama, “Five Feet Apart,” is slated for release on March 12 in China, where it is reasonably marketed as a romance for the COVID-19 era.

He also sells his lead actor Haley Lu Richardson as thin and slightly taller than she is in real life. Chinese netizens pointed out on Wednesday that Richardson was visibly pictured in the poster for the Chinese promotional film Five Feet Apart for being skinnier. Her fellow co-star Cole Sprouse escaped with just his backpack removed and his skin cleared up.

A similar analysis of Richardson’s weight appears to have occurred in the Korean market poster, although the effect is slightly less pronounced.

“Do we have to do this even for foreign films?” asked a dismayed commentator on the Douban Taste Creation Platform. Another wrote: “This is silly marketing. For this kind of low budget movie, it’s not like people are going to buy more tickets because you photoshopped it thinner.

The announcement of the China release of “Five Feet Apart” comes less than two weeks before its debut, as Beijing appears to be scrambling to fill an otherwise rather empty screening schedule. Strong local titles have avoided competing with Chinese New Year blockbusters which are now reaching the end of their first month in theaters. Only one other film, the local romantic comedy “Special Couple”, is scheduled for release on the same day as “Five Feet Apart”. Another poster specific to China from last year seems to indicate that it was already considering a release in the world’s largest film market which was ultimately canceled.

Directed by Justin Baldoni, best known for his role as an actor in the “Jane the Virgin” series, Five Feet Apart stars Cole Sprouse (“Riverdale) and Haley Lu Richardson (” The Edge of Seventeen “) as teenagers who fall in love despite suffering from cystic fibrosis, which requires them to maintain a distance of six feet from others.

The topic unexpectedly became relevant for a time when social distancing became the global norm, even though China has since more or less recovered from the pandemic, allowing its citizens to congregate more or less as before.

The trailer for Five Feet Apart opens with a dialogue that speaks almost strangely to the moment of the coronavirus: “Human touch. We need that touch of the one we love almost as much as we need air to breathe. Its Chinese marketing relies heavily on the angle, with a slogan that reads: “True love knows no ‘distance’.” His Chinese poster includes the line: “You are the person I aspire to kiss but have no way of touching.”

The film, reportedly budgeted at $ 7 million, was not particularly well received by American critics. It was distributed in North America by Lionsgate almost exactly two years before its debut in China, where it grossed $ 45.7 million. Abroad, its strongest market was Germany, where it grossed $ 5.65 million. It only brought in $ 231,000 in Hong Kong and $ 875,000 in Taiwan in the same year.

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