Fish finish Pokémon Sapphire in just under 4,000 hours

After almost five months of gambling, youtuber Mutekimaru’s fish finally managed to finish Pokémon Sapphire, totaling about 3,195 hours of gameplay virtually uninterrupted. The last video of the huge series was shared on Monday, the 9th, and marks the end of one of the strangest and most unbelievable adventures in the gaming world.

Shortly after the start of the pandemic, Mutekimaru decided to do a technological experiment with his fish, placing motion trackers across the vertical plane of his aquarium. Over time, the content producer was able to map the sensors to the Game Boy Advance controls, and started transmitting daily lives with the advancement of pets through the Hoenn region.

Its channel, which already has more than 111 thousand subscribers, was created with the sole purpose of showing the fish playing Pokémon Sapphire. In the last video posted in the saga, the animals manage to defeat champion Steven Stone, in a broadcast that has just over 11 hours. If you doubt or are one of the brave ones who want to follow the story, just watch the video below.

According to Mutekimaru, the fish play one at a time, and alternate each other every 12 hours so they can rest and eat, without suffering the wear and tear of moving around.

Right now, the pets continue to explore the lands of Hoenn, now continuing the post-endgame journey of Pokémon Sapphire and looking for Regice, one of the three legendary titans alongside Regirock and Registroel, and you can check out the live on the Mutekimaru.

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