Find out what BTS’s RM is up to before going on stage

BTS’s handsome leader RM captivated his fans by revealing what he does to prepare for a concert.

Namjoon, better known as RM, is one of the most popular boys in BTS, because in addition to his talent for rapping and dancing, he has become the favorite leader of a K-Pop group, as ARMY has supported his idol since the band was formed.

At his young age, he has shown to be disciplined and delivered in his musical career, and that is why when he is on stage with the other members of the South Korean boy band, he gives a spectacular show that drives his fans crazy, but what is his secret?

In a Twitter account that is dedicated to BTS, they announced that in one of the moments that are part of the “Memories 2019” DVD, the leader RM revealed what he does before starting a concert with the K-Pop group , which has caused a furor in the networks.

Find out what RM does before the concerts

That DVD that BTS released are unforgettable moments that the members have lived, so ARMY has shared some moments of the boys through social networks, as they did not hesitate to reveal what RM does before going on stage.

Before giving a spectacular performance with the other members, the leader of the K-Pop band first warms up his body so as not to hurt himself, in the same way he likes to jog even for a few minutes so that he can surprise the girls with his presence on the stage.

That video that ARMY shared on Twitter has more than 58 thousand views, as RM is one of his favorite idols. There is no doubt that at his young age he is a very disciplined boy regarding his career in music and always seeks to learn from his mistakes.

The rapper of the South Korean boy band continues to drive the girls crazy, because in today’s news his fans have been sharing on social networks what they like the most about RM, do you think the leader of BTS is a charming boy?

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