Final Episode Trailer The Final Battle of the Winchesters

The CW will air the last 3 episodes of Supernatural, which will culminate on November 19, 2020, as scheduled. The story of the Winchester brothers will be coming to an end and also their battle against God.

Recall that the production of the final episodes of Supernatural, stopped in March as a result of the blockage generated by the coronavirus pandemic. Finally the crew and cast returned to the film set in August.

Supernatural fans are sad that the Winchester brothers will soon be saying goodbye forever as there are only 3 episodes left to air.

Now, just days after Supernatural ends, The CW has released a new trailer for the series finale, showing the last battle of the Winchester brothers, as well as the retrospective special “The Long Road Home.”

Trailer for the final episode of Supernatural

It’s important to remind fans of Supernatural that Episode 20 and the finale of Season 15 and The CW fictional series will feature the long-awaited retrospective special.

According to the official recap for the final episode of Supernatural, what will be featured in this long-awaited retrospective special is briefly outlined by fans.

“After 15 seasons, America’s longest-running sci-fi series is coming to an end. Honey, it’s the final journey to save people and hunt things down.”

Prepare for the finale with interviews with the cast of Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and Alexander Calvert, with creator Eric Kripke, executive producers Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb, and special guest stars Jim Beaver, Samantha Smith, Ruth Connell. , Kim Rhodes and Mark Sheppard “.

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