Filmmaker Pamela Sherrod Anderson to Host Workshop Feb. 27 as part of No Malice Film Competition | Festivals and awards

To promote justice and a better world by showcasing important voices in cinema and supporting young artists, I have organized virtual presentations every Saturday in February and the first Saturday in March. Winners of the competitions will have their films on display at a red carpet screening at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library in Springfield, Ill. On July 31 of this year and at the Ebertfest Film Festival in Champaign, Illinois. ‘Illinois, September 8-11. They will also win cash prizes ranging from $ 500 to $ 2,000.

Ms. Anderson’s workshop is the fourth in our series of five. She won awards for her incredible documentary, “The Curators of Dixon School,” about an elementary school in the heart of Chicago’s Southside where the principal and teachers made it their mission to expose their students to works of art. art by displaying them at all times on the walls of halls and classrooms. They also invited various artists as guest speakers. This is not your usual image of a Chicago Southside school. It’s a must-see movie.

You can watch the previous three phenomenal workshops as webinars and enter the competition at To view the first three recorded workshops, click on the following links: Troy Pryor “Create, don’t wait!“, From Rita Coburn”Director: The Storyteller“; and Steve James'”The people in my films: portrait and relationships. “.

To register for the next “Seeds For Story” workshop, click on here.



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