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SPOILER ALERT: The following article contains details of the CBS series finale MacGyver.

On tonight’s series finale MacGyver, MacGyver (Lucas Till) and Riley (Tristin Mays) stumble upon a mind control plot, which causes them to question their commitment to the Phoenix Foundation.

Directed by David Straiton, from a screenplay by Alessia Costantini, Stephanie Hicks, Andrew Klein and Monica Maser, “Abduction + Memory + Time + Fireworks + Dispersal” revolves around a thread of the plot set in place in Episode 11, in which Mac and Riley are exposed, via tear gas, to nanoscopic trackers.

The episode opens in a seemingly ordinary fashion, with Mac, Riley, Desi (Levy Tran), and Bozer (Justin Hires) undertaking an undercover operation during an underground poker game. Desi stealthily places a tracker in the back of a target, and all goes well – until Mac and Riley suddenly disappear.

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Nathan Bolster / CBS

When the director of the Phoenix Foundation, Matty (Meredith Eaton), finds out that Mac’s communications are offline, she launches a salvage operation, sending members of various government agencies to search for her.

24 hours later, Mac and Riley “ghost” their crew – until they suddenly reappear, with no memory of where they’ve been or what happened to them.

Matty and his colleague Russ (Henry Ian Cusick) give the couple a series of medical tests, and a doctor notes that they have “collapsed veins” after being pushed and pushed more than 237 times. It seems clear that someone made lab rats out of the duo and that the nanobots inside Mac and Riley have something to do with this plot. But who would do all of this? And why?

As Matty continues to search for answers, Mac is locked out at the house with Riley, Bozer, and Desi, facing a sense of violation that followed his kidnapping. Before leaving the Phoenix base, however, he slips one of the vials of his blood that has been tested, so he can conduct his own research.

Given the unusual color of the blood, Mac deduces that he and Riley were drugged, leading to selective amnesia. He then uses the concept of “state-dependent memory” to his advantage, retracing the events of that night in his apartment, until the details begin to come back to him.

After falling asleep on the couch, Mac and Riley are struck by the same intense flashes of memory, which lead them to an almond grove in Lost Hills. From there, they are able to find the abandoned warehouse where they were held captive.

Henry Ian Cusick and Justin hire in 'MacGyver'

Nathan Bolster / CBS

“I could get you all fired for this,” said Russ, who, along with Matty, followed Mac and his crew’s movements. Russ is disappointed in them for disobeying Matty’s lockdown orders, but too bad. Because Mac’s enthusiasm leads him to reunite with Jennifer Pool (Shi Nel Nielson), the right arm of Orson Marcato (Tom Nowicki). Marcato, they think, is the man behind the nanobots.

Russ asks Jennifer about Marcato’s endgame, while Riley hands Pool’s computer hard drive to two of his hacker friends. From the reader, a video file emerges, showing a mind-controlled zombie-like Mac and Riley forced into a fight, and Mac shooting a training dummy in the head several times, without flinching, under the control of nanobots.

As Mac goes through a moral crisis over the actions he’s been coerced into, the Phoenix team unveils the full story of nanobots. Originally, Marcato developed them as “a new experimental technology” to help fight depression, but found that they produced “unintended and fascinating side effects.” Mac and Riley have confirmed for Marcato that his nanobots can be the ultimate weapon, and afterwards, he sets out to disperse them in the air, via fireworks during a “military appreciation” event that he takes. he planned in Washington, DC

Thousands of families will attend, unwittingly relinquishing any sense of free will. The worst revelation of all, however, is that Marcato’s experiments were funded by the US government, which prioritized the “next industrial revolution” over the rights of its citizens.

After losing confidence in himself and his country, Mac heads to DC with his team, racing against the clock to get to Marcato’s “final bank” of nanobot-laden fireworks. Being the techie that he is, of course, Macgyver isn’t just going to turn them off. Instead, it manipulates their contents to create a “super rocket,” capable of safely dispersing nanobots into the ozone layer.

Lucas Till and Levy Tran in 'MacGyver'

Nathan Bolster / CBS

After saving the day, all that’s left for Phoenix to do is remove those pesky nanobots from Mac and Riley, with Marcato’s forced cooperation. Russ does this by placing each of them in hyperbaric chambers, which will increase the uptake of oxygen into their blood until the robots die.

Riley is easily rid of the nanobots, but for a while, it looks like our hero Mac might die as well, as the pressure inside the chamber causes him to convulse and flatten out. But after slowly reducing the pressure in the bedroom, Mac regains consciousness and is forced to consider plans for her future.

The US government is funding the Phoenix Foundation, and for all the good it has done, it cannot stand their recent “disgusting” actions. Instead, he will find another find to serve his country.

But just as Mac announces his resignation, followed by Bozer, Desi and Riley, Matty makes the major announcement that Phoenix is ​​totally self-sufficient, having just cut all ties with the US government. If Mac joins her, she says, he can bypass their corruption and take on only the missions that matter to him.

Ultimately, a champagne toast seals the deal and the Phoenix family stick together, paving the way for many more exciting adventures.

CBS Macgyver reboot, developed by Peter M. Lenkov, debuted in September 2016. It was abruptly announced earlier this month that Season 5 would be the last of the action drama. MacGyver is one of many long-running CBS series ending this season, with the others being NCIS: New Orleans and the comedy starring Allison Janney, Mom.

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