“Fantastic Beasts” takes action against Johnny Depp

Will he say goodbye to his role as Grindelwald? Will the legal problems for the actor one day end?

After a long and exhausting legal battle between Johnny Depp against his ex-wife the actress Amber Heard and the renowned British newspaper for libel, the methodical case was finally resolved, which, unfortunately, did not favor the multifaceted interpreter because, despite Having shown evidence that his then partner also physically assaulted him on more than one occasion, the consequences of this ruling could go even further, since apparently Johnny Depp could be cut from the cast of “Fantastic Beast 3″.

And, is that, as is well known worldwide, Johnny Depp’s legal problems have been quite large and even for us, somewhat exhausting, especially now that we know that Disney does not want him to resume his role as Jack Sparrow for some other movie of ‘”Pirates of the Caribbean”, even though his absence could be the end of the franchise.

In addition to the other issue, well, it is also known that it was unknown what repercussions it would have on his role as the magician “Grindelwald” in the third installment of “Fantastic Beast”, a subject which was finally discussed before the public, However, it appears that it will not be very flattering for the versatile actor.

Finally, the wait before the expectation is over, because yesterday it was announced that the actor lost the lawsuit for defamation, which seems to be a hard blow both for his career and for his personal life, since close sources The production has revealed that Johnny Depp could be cut from the cast of the next film in the entertainment series “Fantastic Beast”.


Everything seems to indicate that the scenes of the actor will be cut in this third installment, after the resolution of the case, because apparently, the production company of the film does not want to give greater fame or camera time to an actor indicated of aggression against his then wife, as they did at the time for the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise.

On the other hand, in the case of Amber Heard it seems that the lawsuit has not affected her career at all, since, despite the fact that many fans asked to be withdrawn from the second installment of “Aquaman”, Warner and DC They have ignored the request and is currently filming extra scenes for “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” in the role of Mera, something that has surely infuriated many fans, because, as we mentioned before, there is strong evidence of the aggressions that she did the actor, so everyone thought that Amber would lose the media lawsuit.

Although, the court recorded evidence from 12 occasions in which Deep attacked the model and actress, these were the final statements: “The defendants have shown that what they published, in the sense that their words have as I understand it, was substantially true, ”said London judge Andrew Nicol, announcing his verdict in this highly mediatic case, and after three weeks of hearing testimonies that included stories about substance abuse, feces in the marriage bed, suspected infidelity and a severed finger with a bottle during a violent fight.

It was in May 2016, after 15 months of marriage, the scandal broke out when Amber Heard filed for divorce by denouncing Depp for domestic violence, even requesting a restraining order in a Los Angeles court, the cause: “Irreconcilable differences” and “Years of physical and psychological violence” is what the actress uncovered and reiterated that she feared for her life; She provided photographs of her bruised face and mentioned the long and old history of drug and alcohol abuse by the interpreter.

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