Fans Respond to Fast Pace and Omissions in Oscar Segment with Naya Rivera and Jessica Walter Among MIAs – Deadline

The tempo of the song chosen for the In memory was one of many unconventional choices from producers at this year’s Oscars.

The fast-paced “I’ll Always Love You” by Stevie Wonder has divided fans, many have taken to Twitter to complain, with some using memes, including the candy factory scene from I like lucy, to illustrate the breakneck speed of hard-to-follow video and photos.

Yet despite the names flashing quickly across the screen, viewers spotted a few that were missing from the edit, most notably songwriter Adam Schlesinger received an Oscar nomination for the song for This thing you do !.

To account for any omissions, the ceremony site is always linked to the entire In memory gallery at as she also did this year (you can see the one from 2021 here).

While Schlesinger is listed online, three actors not featured in the on-air tribute are also missing from the online gallery. The trio, whose omission has drawn criticism on social media, are Development stopped Jessica Walter, JoyNaya Rivera and Nick Cordero, who were also not included in the In memory segment at the Primetime Emmy Awards. While Walter and Rivera are known for their television work and Cordero was primarily a stage actor, all have directed feature films, and Walter was nominated for the Golden Globe for Most Promising Newcomer in 1966 for Grand Prize.

Watch the “In Memoriam” video above.

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