Fans on alarm! Kendall Jenner calls her followers

Since her stories, the young model has shared an image of prevention of su1c1di0, and it worries her fans

Alarma a sus fans, Kendall Jenner hace un llamado a sus seguidores(INSTAGRAM)

We can come to think that the most famous celebrities on the globe lead a totally full life, without problems or insecurities that make them feel vulnerable and even depressed, however, the reality is that this is not the case, even Kendall Jenner herself has shown vulnerable.

And it is that, sometimes it is not enough to be one of the highest paid supermodels in the world, pus, Kendall has been sincere on several occasions in front of the cameras, stating that she has felt insecure about her body on many occasions, and Of course, just because she is a super model does not mean that she does not feel insecurities about her body like anyone else.

We know well that there have been countless occasions in which a famous person from any part of the world, openly expresses herself when mentioning that she has problems with her mental health, whether they are slight disorders or light behaviors, which can be treated to avoid. bigger problems.

Also, we know perfectly well that being a public figure is not a simple task at all, because being under “the magnifying glass” all the time, life can become somewhat complicated, even with all the fame and successes involved, more, in these times, that Internet users do nothing but criticize any movement that celebrities make, there are even those who attack them without motives, making totally offensive comments.

This and more, is what makes even the most famous people have problems with their mental health, because in addition to dealing with always being under the public eye, they have to deal with the “haters” who are only aware of their movements to attack them publicly and disapprove of all their decisions.

Likewise, there have also been many who unfortunately lost the battle to these serious problems such as anxiety and depression, both mental illnesses diagnosed by health professionals, since various artists of international stature have decided to take their own lives, for not being able to cope with the situation.

Even though it may seem implausible, even the beautiful model and content creator has felt insecure about her physique, she has made it clear, by expressing herself openly by confessing that she has suffered from mental disorders, and even, in her time, even He came to think that it would end his life.

It is for this reason that the socialite, whenever she has the opportunity, makes an attentive call to her millions of followers, as she did just a few minutes ago from her stories on her official Instagram account, where she placed an image where she dedicated herself to ask two of his followers to do a simple but important task.

“Su1cid10s figures have increased 200% since the last review. Could 2 friends take a screenshot and re-post? We are trying to show that someone is always listening,” is what the image says, which , was first shared by the “Klan” matriarch, Kriss Jenner, from her profile in the same app.

But why does her fans worry? It turns out that a few years ago, the model suffered from severe anxiety attacks, even these led her to have depression on more than one occasion, and that is, explain what it feels like to A panic or anxiety attack is difficult and difficult to understand unless you have had one.

That is why there is a lot of ignorance and stigmas related to these affectations, and the work that many celebrities do to help normalize them is immeasurable, so Kendall Jenner wants to help those who have affectations in their mental health and has done so by talking about the episodes of anxiety that you have suffered until a few months ago.

Which is why, he wanted to join the “Mental Health Coalition”, to break the stigmas related to this disease that make it not talked about in many places, in this way he mentioned it: “When it was proposed to me it was perfect because I suffer it alone, you know, mental health problems. So I was very excited and ready to get involved, honestly, what I hope to achieve is that people know that they are not alone.

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