Fans’ dream of getting paid (up to $ 1,000) to watch the show will soon be a reality!

Now you can earn money watching friends! (Photo credit – Imdb)

FRIENDS fans know that watching the show is impossible to resist even after completing it 10 times. From Joey “How are you?” Ross’s “I’m fine” still makes you laugh. All of the characters in the show are extremely lovable and relatable. Whatever the situation, they are always “there for you”. But what if you get paid to watch the show?

Well this is no joke but a dream job opportunity for FRIENDS fans.

According to House Beautiful, Best Value Schools, a college and university ranking website, is looking for 5 FRIENDS fans who can watch the show’s first 5 seasons. In addition to watching the show, fans will have to share their experience and favorite episodes. And in return, viewers will receive $ 1,000 in compensation.

Isn’t that huge? But there are also additional benefits! In addition to the cash prize, selected viewers will also be rewarded with a Friends inspired mug, t-shirt, fleece blanket, mug and $ 100 DoorDash gift card. One Friends marathoner will also get all ten seasons of the show on Blu-Ray. Whoa!

Interestingly, there have been many discussions / memes in the past where FRIENDS fans have discussed what it would be like if they could get paid to watch the show. I guess this dream is coming true now! So if you’re a FRIENDS fan and have subscribed to HBO Max, where the sitcom is streaming right now, you need to apply for the challenge now. here.

So, are you ready for this?

FRIENDS aired from 1994 to 2004 and starred David Schwimmer (Ross), Matthew Perry (Chandler), Courteney Cox (Monica), Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), Matt LeBlanc (Joey) and Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe) leading the way.

A reunion episode of the show is being planned where fans can see the main cast together once again. It was scheduled to air on HBO Max last year, but due to the pandemic it has been postponed.

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