famous speculator drew orbit of Bitcoin

Dollar billionaire investor Michael Novogratz claimed that global liquidity stemming from the government’s support packages will allow the Bitcoin price to reach $ 20,000 this year.

Galaxy Digital CEO Michael Novogratz said that the program, which evaluates the global economy at CNBC, thinks that the government’s support packages will merge with the interest of the retail investor and continue the rise in gold and Bitcoin:

“This liquidity situation is not going anywhere. There will be much larger support packages. The FED is not expected to raise interest rates. ”

As you may remember, both Democrats and Republicans requested more packages after Donald Trump signed the $ 2.2 trillion coronavirus aid package in March. On Monday, the Democrats proposed a bill of $ 3 trillion, and Republicans a bill of $ 1 trillion.

“First 14, then 20 thousand dollars”

Stating that he expects Bitcoin to be around 14 thousand dollars in the next 3 months and says that the end of the year price can easily reach 20 thousand dollars, Novogratz said, “The retail investor’s interest in Bitcoin continues. The stock investor is also turning to gold and Bitcoin. ”

“I want to buy even more Bitcoins”

Stating that most of his investments are in Bitcoin, gold and silver, Novogratz said, “About 20 percent of my entire asset is in Bitcoin, but I want to buy more. I am under a 5 percent section. ”

“We are in the process of getting used to Bitcoin”

Stating that institutional investors have seen interest in Bitcoin, but it is still difficult to get BTC for them, billionaire investor said, “If it were easy to buy, the price would be much higher today. Gold has a history of 3 thousand years. Bitcoin is newer. We are in the adaptation phase, but I love the gold. ”

Bitcoin has increased 15 percent since last week and 50 percent since New Year. Gold, which saw a 7 percent increase since the beginning of the month, reached the highest figure of all time on Monday.

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